Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, November 28, 2011

Steel Ball Bearing?

                            Steel Ball Bearing ?

On Thursday evening, November 24, 2011 I was working in my studio upstairs. It was about 8:30PM. Something hit the roof above me and rolled down the roof. I didn't think much of it until we discovered a steel ball on the concrete at the front of the house on Saturday, Nov. 26. It appeared that someone had used a slingshot to hit the roof, using the steel ball as ammo.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bullet holes in Security Light Nov. 13, 2011

Photo of the entry bullet hole in our dawn to dusk security lamp shade taken form the inside of shadeAdd caption

On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 13, 2011 we were working in our garage cleaning up. I saw a clear curved glass shard lying on the ground just outside the door, just under our  dusk to dawn security light. I looked up and the bulb in the lamp looked odd.  It looked like something was different, where did the glass shard come from, nothing was making sense. We saw a hole in the shade where the aluminum and plastic meet. We didn't know what to do. We thought lets wait to see if the light comes on at dusk. It did. What was left was filament which lit up despite the lack of the bulbous glass enclosure which contains the gas.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 1, 2011, the night we believe the bullet hole was put in our security light shade

                                  Oct. 1, 2012

The post here consist of a diary log:

On saturday Oct.1st 2011 , late afternoon, we noticed our neighbor, Jesse Repash had a vehicle parked on the  shared drive, thus blocking it and our access. We noticed it around 5:00PM. It could have been  there for some time. We would periodically check to see if it was moved. We got the impression it was intentional .  We had been considering going out to dinner for Scott's 62nd Birthday. We both had a gut instinct that something was brewing all day. We decided to stay home. However we kept checking and the drive and it was still blocked. At first we thought it was temporary. It was blocked until Scott tried to leave at 7:20 PM.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


                                      Bon fires

BonFires spooks me, especially when they are too close to your home. We believe that is the purpose of these fires. There is something about fires fueled by accelerants that make me very uncomfortable. That reminds of arson. I am sure I am not alone in that. Bon fires near our property line  make us uneasy. Especially when you get the impression from body language and the performance leading up to it's ignition that the event appears to have an aura of a veiled threat. We have many videos, taken from inside our home which we believe give our concern a perspective. Seeing flames so high that they reflect in the water of our pond is alarming. Plus the added concern of seeing cans of beer being held and those very familiar menacing  posturing stares toward our home just compound  the concern. Are those  menacing stares a veiled threat?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sealed drive?

sealed drive?
We received a letter via certified mail indicating that the shared drive would be sealed on Sept. 9, 2011. We were not asked if it would be a convenient time...we were told it was going to be done and we complied. The previous time that Jesse sealed the drive years ago, he only informed us when was doing it. Never asked if it would inconvenience  for us at that time of sealing nor asked to share cost. I told him to send us a copy of the invoice and we would share in the cost. He never sent us an invoice copy. However, the drive was not 
sealed on Sept 9, but 3 large "speed bumps" were installed on the common road by what looked like Lower Saucon Township Road Authority on a Saturday morning Sept 10. We have documentation of the truck being there and a Verizon worker told us what they were doing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speed Bumps?

            Lower Saucon Township Truck on Nursery Lane

We received a certified letter dated Sept. 2, 2011, from our shared road neighbor Jesse Repash. It was also cc'd to Richard Schaedler, Esquire and Guy Lesser, Chief of Police, Lower Saucon Township. The letter stated that the shared road would be closed for sealcoating on Sept 9, 2011. There was no question as to whether it was a good time for us or if it would inconvenience us. It was simply stated that it was going to be sealcoated that day. We complied. We moved the Van and parked it off Alpine Drive. Nothing was done on the 9th. On the morning of Sept. 10, we saw a Lower Saucon Township large dump truck parked on the drive and I iphoned it. That is the opening video of this post.  After I iphoned the truck on Nursery Lane, Scott left the property in the Element to go to town to mail some bills- which I iphoned him leaving. Right before he left, the Township Truck drove up Nursery Lane and turned  right onto Alpine Drive with Scott following it from a distance.  However, when the truck turned left from Alpine Drive onto Apple Street he could see the truck from the side.  It was a Lower Saucon Township  truck. We heard and saw lots of commotion and saw the  through the trees the very large orange township truck throughout the morning. We have always been cautious of being in a compromising situation with Jesse Repash and his cronies, so we viewed the activity from near our sidewalk and not at the property line.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Drive markings?


                                                            Numbers and symbols ?

It was in early Sept. 2011 that we discovered this painted numbers and symbols on the shared drive, Nursery Lane. We were in the process of photographing them for the record and Jesse Repash darts out of the house as documented in the opening photo. He shouts "take my picture". We keep records as well as we can. He then approaches us and commands that we put down the camera. We obliged but had out finger ready to go. We believe he is very unstable based on our continued experience with him. We asked him what the numbers were for and he wouldn't say. We asked what the white line is about and he would not answer. We asked him what the material was and he would not answer. He wanted to know why we asked. Then he starts rambling on about not speaking ill of the dead and he and Mike Carp putting in the "Drain System". The system is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

White line?

                     White line ?

On Sunday, March 20, 2011, I was taking some recycled stuff 
to the garage and I noticed something different, out of the
corner of my eye, about the drive at the shared property line.
I noticed some white at the Property line. Earlier,as I was
 looking out Scott's studio window, we saw a white X on one 
of the spruce's at the property line, near our pond. 
The X was facing us? Kobe had been barking  a little earlier 
that afternoon. He was looking towards the property line at 
the drive. I saw Jesse walking up the drive from near our 
shared property line. I didn't go out to check.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slow *crossing

Slow Down?

I recently had a real time, 2011, conversation about the "Speed Bumps" Jesse, Lenny's son had installed on the common drive. As I mentioned that Lenny's was obsessed about everything we did. We believe he was seriously hurt by our rejection. Under the circumstance, we believe that he was too unstable  and too dangerous to engage in any way. Life was good without him.

Guardian Angel ?

Guardian Angel

It was late September , 2001. I was returning from making a drop off for Scott at Fedex. Lenny has floods that he would turn on and using a phrase from my parents, his house  " was lit up like a Hotel". I remember Judge Kimberly McFadden  admonishing us to keep our eyes on the road.  We do, but Lenny's house is only 8 feet from the shared road and I do have peripheral Vision. As I drove past Lenny's house, it was twilight, it was noticeable that no lights were on, which was unusual. However, in the twilight, I believe I saw someone lying on Lenny's porch. I drove past, came down to the house and parked the car. I came into the house and told Scott what I believe I just saw. We both walked up the drive to take a second look. Remember is was getting dark and hard to see. When we both went up. Lenny was indeed lying on his  brick porch. I came back to the house and called 911.

"take my picture Sally"

"take my picture Sally"

"Take my picture Sally" is what  Lenny is shouting in this photo while his body language of spread arms classifies his defiance. The road blockage was a regular occurrence. His Nursery Customers would block the drive. We often  felt that they were told to do so not realizing that there was another house down the lane. This photo was of contractor's trucks who were working on his summer kitchen.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mediation request and reply

Excerpt from reply letter from the repash's Lawyer

  Tension was building. So we felt that contacting a Mediator and sit down with Jesse Repash and discuss the escalating tension would ease things.  There were several attempts on Jesse Repash's part to get chummy before. We had a guard up and didn't want Act 2 of dealing with the Repash Angst. What I found disturbing is that one time he came down the drive on his ATV. Came to the kitchen door. I would not let him in the house. I believe it was the time he claimed that Debbie Repash saw a Bear  on the drive in front of our house. Scott's father had just died and I told Jesse that fact. His response was " I know". He offered no verbal condolences whatsoever. Scott never got a card. That tells me something.

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Kobe is our dog. He is  sweet and a very good watch dog. He has alerted us to many of the staking events. He has alerted us to gun fire while we are inside the house. He is majestic, warm and spirited. He has had some challenges. He is adopted. We fostered him for one year because there were some criminal offense against his previous owners. Apparently they move and left him behind. He was a little on the wild side at first, had no dog training and appeared to have never been on a leash. With love and affection, we have begun a happen family.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Defiant Trespass

Path leading from our land to Brett's that he created
We have share  a property line with Brett Schneider for about 25 years. We aren't friends and never will be. When we leave our home we always take a right turn on Alpine. The only time we take a left is when we go to Vote in small stone School House. Anyway, we rarely pass his house. We believe his motive to join team Repash is as retaliation for us requesting to see the building permits for his driveway and two story Brick Garage. So far the Lower Saucon Township Zoning hasn't presented us with what we believe are valid building permits for his garage and drive. You can find more if you read other pages on this Blog.  We don't trust Brett.

Path and me holding signs. Most of them were run over in a week. We have evidence 

Kid on ATV

In 2006 , I discovered ATV tire tracks on our lawn. I followed them and I discovered that there was an ATV trail, about 200 to 300 feet in length. I followed the path on our land and it ended up exiting into Brett Schneider's back yard. However there appeared to have been 3 other accesses to the trail by different neighbors. The trail was groomed, mowed regularly and even appeared to have been graded. We were shocked at the balls it took for someone to take the liberties to defiantly trespass. We use to hear the ATVs but never imagined that they were actually going through our property. A few days after the discovery, I photographed a kid on an ATV on our land and I stopped him after he appeared to try to run into me. I had no idea who he was, but when I asked him why he was using the path he said that Brett Schneider told him that he could use it-interesting.

Dead Animals


As I mentioned before, I never dreamt that I would every have been in these circumstance. The more I looked for support the more isolated I felt. People would ridicule our circumstances. Being a victim of stalking is  a challenge. Especially when the system has turned it's head. Posturing to display that you are not the weakest in the herd is time consuming. Finding things moved or new things like AA batteries on your lawn is creepy at best. Being the object of an obsessive person isn't fun, I am not a big fan of drama.

Guest Chair 1992

We have gotten the impression that we live a peculiar life to the local folks. By our standards, we have a very normal life with tinges of excitement. We have had challenging careers and both relish our solitude. I don't drop in uninvited on anyone and I don't like when it is done to us. We have noting in common with our neighbors and they would say the same about us. We keep to ourselves, we aren't noisy, we have a "live and let live attitude", we mow our lawn and respect property lines, which we discovered is rare in the hood. We have suspected that some believe we are queer in their reality.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wiggle Room?

Lower Saucon Township Officer visit on 3/26/11

 My diary entry which explains this photo. What is odd is the the camera that the patrolman was investigating took his photo as he approached our porch. He seems to have previous knowledge of the placement of the camera since it appears he is looking right at it. It was placed in a very unusual spot so it could not  been seen

I was in the kitchen and I noticed a Lower Saucon  Township Patrolman walking down the drive towards our side walk. I went out to greet him. He was vague in his introduction. He mentioned that the property owner at 2507 Alpine Drive had reported that a Wild Life camera was missing from his property. We have one and have had one for some time. Patrolman Kyle Haggerty had a small note pad with our names, Jerry Kott and Scott Bolestridge and  no other names and a scribbled "$300.00.

Another Day in Paradise

                                 Animal Kingdom

As I have noted, we live in a rural area, an old Farm. We enjoy the Wildlife. Our property is bordered by a property that has a lake which is several acres in size. It use to function as recreational lake. In the summer there were Picnic pavilions . There was music and laughter. For some reason it isn't open to the public anymore. The owner has Livestock and other critters. This visit happened on Oct. 15, 2005.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Leaves on Pond
I haven't posted for a while. This is not one of my favorite activities but I believe is has to be done. There are some things that are out of sequence. The next Photo and blog is within the last few months. Recently things have heated up since Lenny's son Jesse appears to us to be on a mission to force us to give up the shared road. We believe his stalking appears to be more prevalent and disturbing. We get the impression that he is obsessed. However there are many topic not yet blogged from Family stuff, Brett and his Guns and harassment, more dead animals, Rooney/Varricchio, recent exploits with the Lower Saucon Zoning, John Stoffa -County Executive, Bernie O'Hare, lymes disease etc. etc etc.

Those topics will all be covered in time. The bulk of the blog has only documented up till the mid 90's.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Strong Fences make good neighbors!

Thank you note from the Repashs
When we received the letter from the Lawyer Jesse and Debbie Repash's consulted, Richard Schaedler, we were a bit surprised by  what we believe to be the threatening/hostile tone of the letter. We believe the letter the Lawyer wrote was very bizarre. We had contacted a Mediator and invited the Repashs to sit down and discuss things and we got a response from a lawyer dissing our request. There was, what we believed to be escalating harassment and we wanted to nip it at the bud. Scott was in remission after his treatment for Prostate Cancer . Jesse Repash was fully aware that Scott was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer because I TOLD him when he stopped me on the drive to inform me that he was going to clean up a tree that had fallen etc.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red Laser Light?

Below is a diary account of what happened on March 9, 2011.The event occurred
fter we asked the Lower Saucon Township Zoning for a copy of the building 
Permit for Bret Schneider's garage and macadam driveway.
Last evening March 9 ,as I was leaving to pick up Scott at the bus, it was 8:38PM, 
as I approached Jesse Repash's truck parked face down on the shared drive, all 
of a sudden there was this motion of a red dot of light. Someone was waiting for 
me to pass. Both cars were parked in their drive. It was very manic and disturbing. 
I could not place it as to what it was. It was coming from the right side of the
drive at his truck because as I proceeded the light continued in the mirror on 
the passenger side.  It was  shocking and disturbing and blinding. As I briefly 
looked back I didn't see anyone on the drive but my attention needed to be on
driving. We believe we are watched constantly and  our schedule in known
I picked Scott up at the bus. We then proceeded to get Gas for the car.I tol
him what had happened. I decided to call the Police. I parked the car on
CherryLane, across from the Hotel, and called 911. The operator was very
helpful. I told him that I wasn't at the location but was coming in that directio
I gave him as much detail as possible. He had asked if I wanted an EMT becau
my vision was blurry. I said no. We proceeded home. We suspected that
someone could be waiting for us to come home.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Message or Messenger

The Message or Messenger

Giving the loon next door a bone only fed his delusions. We aren't retired. He retired when he was 55 and we believe we became his obsession. A rather disturbed lad. We found shards of glass in our wading pool which were place there. Still finding nose prints on our window ( the dots that an oily nose leaves when it touches glass). We are alert but coping with an obsessive person does take up space. Even Judge McFadden had acknowledged his obsession. We were disappointed that she didn't recommend that he get some help. It appears that the consensus is that those who need help only get it when a court orders it.


Head Shot

We had, as I recall, about a 2 week notice for the actual Court House Hearing. We had gotten many notifications of continuances. Greenfield had told us to pay close attention to the transcript of the preliminary hearing because Philip Lauer would be using it in the trial. We got the transcript about 6 days from the hearing date, Dec.5, , my birthday. The year was 1995.



We waited close to 18 months for a Court date. In the meantime, Lenny was still performing. Having never been to Court before, this was a new experience for the both of us. The Northampton County District Attorneys Office had assigned Tamara Greenfield ,the attorney representing us. In total we had two meeting in her office to discuss the case. I believe she was caustic, defensive and appeared to go out of her way to be hostile. I don't know what she billed the county for her time but the first meeting we sat there while she did a closing on the phone for a client she bitched to us about. She had complain about their lousy credit and expectations. She may have spend 5 minutes discussing the case.



We both felt relieved, however short lived that feeling may be, we did feel that some boundary was established. It was a late summer saturday night, it was dark out. I had our dog out for her night pee. It was actually around 10: 30 P.M.  I noticed a  White  mini Van backing down the drive at our property line. It was one of those Oldsmobile Vans, that has those unusual rear brake lights. The lights appeared to go from the bumper to the roof, very noticeable. I stood on our sidewalk, looking up the drive to the property line, trying to access the situation. I believe they saw me and stopped reversing down the drive. I called for Scott and he saw them leaving as I did.
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