Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red Laser Light?

Below is a diary account of what happened on March 9, 2011.The event occurred
fter we asked the Lower Saucon Township Zoning for a copy of the building 
Permit for Bret Schneider's garage and macadam driveway.
Last evening March 9 ,as I was leaving to pick up Scott at the bus, it was 8:38PM, 
as I approached Jesse Repash's truck parked face down on the shared drive, all 
of a sudden there was this motion of a red dot of light. Someone was waiting for 
me to pass. Both cars were parked in their drive. It was very manic and disturbing. 
I could not place it as to what it was. It was coming from the right side of the
drive at his truck because as I proceeded the light continued in the mirror on 
the passenger side.  It was  shocking and disturbing and blinding. As I briefly 
looked back I didn't see anyone on the drive but my attention needed to be on
driving. We believe we are watched constantly and  our schedule in known
I picked Scott up at the bus. We then proceeded to get Gas for the car.I tol
him what had happened. I decided to call the Police. I parked the car on
CherryLane, across from the Hotel, and called 911. The operator was very
helpful. I told him that I wasn't at the location but was coming in that directio
I gave him as much detail as possible. He had asked if I wanted an EMT becau
my vision was blurry. I said no. We proceeded home. We suspected that
someone could be waiting for us to come home.
As I approached our drive the Lower Saucon Patrolman was waiting at the drive. 
We proceeded to our home. I told him the details, it was Patrolman Stephen 
Kunigus. We sensed that he was somewhat cooperative. He commented that 
we shared the same Birthday. What we did find troubling is that he spent more
time next door at the Repash's then he did with us. Of rse, Jesse told him 
that he doesn't own a red laser pointer. My right eye was feeling weird. 
I called my Eye Doctor and left a message at the service last night.
The eye doctor's office called back today and I made an appointment for the 
next day. She found no damage but did say the blurriness can be created by 
colored light. I recall reading that people are charged for pointing lase
lights in people's eyes.  This because it is dangerous."

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