Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Fever--chapter 86

4/26/14-packing heat

There is this ritual as the temperature rises, where on Saturdays we have been greeted by Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider as we either ingress or egress or both making menacing stares as we pass. They take this posturing stance as we pass. The photo in the lead here is a screen shot from our dashboard cam. Note the stance and Jesse is packing heat. I guess you can never be too prepared for a terrorist attacks, an attack from a wayward Swan or you have to keep those rabid old Gay Seniors in line so they know there place.  The pattern is that it appears that if we even get our car out of the garage and park on our drive and listen, within minutes on Saturdays, we have heard an ATV start up at Brett Schneider's property, drive down Alpine Drive to Nursery Lane, the share road, and  park in the Repash parking region and appear to wait for us to leave. If we don't leave right away, they appear to rubberneck to see what the delay is . And at times, we have heard what sounds like Jesse shout,, "here he comes". Anyway we were leaving on 4/26/14 to do errands, this is what we saw. There have been times when there have been smart phones pointed at us as if recording or photographing us as we pass ? They have done a mocking salute/toast to us holding bottles of beer at 11:00 AM. I should mention here that I received an e-mail from someone who I believe is an associate of Jesse Repash which states that the reason for Jesse Repash wearing a holster with a gun is "to protect himself from the trespassers" . I believe  those trespassers he is referring to Scott and I

Friday, April 25, 2014

Chapter 85 -follow up to County Detective


Below is the follow up letter we wrote to Frank Jordan, the Country detective who we spoke to. I believe it was important to include it here because it covers what we believe is a very important aspect of the dialogue. In the conversation with the police at some point we both suspected there was an attempt to lead us down the garden path. We suspect that the one Patrolman was attempting to maybe possibly entrapment is trying to get us to say things and then take them out of context. We wonder if we should have just ask them to leave because we believe now the whole event was a ruse and waste of our time. I reiterated this aspect this week, April 22, 2014,  in my conversation with Patrolman John Bowlby . The police play this shell game . Bowlby suggested this week that we could change our schedule in order to screw with Jesse Repash planning his stalking/harassment- how absurd . He stated when I told him that recently Debbie Repash was following me up Nursery Lane with what looked like a phone camera, he suggested she was simply protecting herself from me-she was harassing me! How is she protecting herself from WHAT?  We believe that Jesse Repash has some serious shit on the police and that is why it comes off as them protecting he and Brett Schneider.
But what was a disappointment was that when I called Frank Jordan to get his e-mails address, I  got the impression that he was mocking me and our concerns by his tone, a snicker.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dog show -Chapter 84


I looked out our kitchen door  on April 17, 2014 , and saw a pack of 4 dogs running down our drive then coming on our porch. Not knowing the temperament, I gingerly stepped out side and they ran by our deck down into our field. I whistled and called and they kept running. Scott called the Police to report it. We were concerned about the safety of the dogs. Besides there is a hefty fine for letting your  dog run free off you property. They looked loved and  we know full well the anxiety of a dog getting out.

Stoned? Chapter 83

                       3/9/14 rock hit tree, then pond                                                                   

The above is a video from 3/9/14. There were some events that have lead us to believe that even when we go to our pond to see if any Koi survived the stomach of the Heron or Mink, we should be guarded. Jesse had been checking us out as we sat at the pond . This above event even has the sound  of a rock hitting a tree. What we are referring to. It is long but gives context. A half hour later, near 5:30PM on 3/9/14, Jesse Repash put on quite a show for us.

This has been happening for sometime and with the advent of the warm weather, our obsessed stalkers are not getting the attention they grave. We have heard what sounds like stones hitting our house for years. We find unusual stones on our drive and porch and deck. Sometime ago, we found a very large steel ball bearing on our porch and we did call and report it to the Lower Saucon Township Police. On saturday April 12 , 2014, we were sitting on our deck at 6:30ish and we heard what sounded like a rock hit the rear of our deck as we were sitting outside. Then within  several seconds we heard something bang at the front of the house. We came around the front to investigate the noise and we saw Jesse Repash walking on the shared drive.
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