Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, October 15, 2010


Drain System?

The above is a photo of how well the drain system works. In the first
year of our home ownership, Lenny was pressuring us to write the
township, threatening to sue them because they didn't maintain the
swells on Alpine Drive. Because of their alleged lack of maintenance,
the clog swells forced surface water down the shared drive thus
creating a nuisance. What a crock of shit! We kept running the scenario
he created in our heads and it made absolutely no sense. It wasn't even
rational. He didn't like when we told him that if he felt it was a
problem, to write them. We did come out on a weekend in the near future
to discover mud all over out concrete porch. We believe he put it
there to prove his point. A fews years later, when the  township
manager, James McCann, had visited our home, he mentioned that our
neighbor was a miserable asshole. He also had asked what our neighbor
had against us.
I bit my lip again. I should have told him what we believed, that he
was a spurned lover and he wants revenge. Apparently he had made many
calls complaining about us. We joked to ourselves that we would not be
surprised if we were charged with stealing a decorating idea.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Law Suit

       ©1989 Jerry Kott-Law Suit

The only communication between the neighbor since our blow out was our
response to him refusing a delivery by the gas company being made to
our home. A delivery that is automatic, we are never aware when they
will show up. We had a Lawyer rattle off a letter. I moved into the
in March 1986. Things were quiet, no interaction between neighbors. His
wife died that spring and we sent a card and made a donation in her
behalf to the American Cancer Society.  I had run into Lenny at Carson
Hardware and personally offered my condolences and he snapped at me-
"did you move in". No "thank you" at all, just a sharp reaction of a

Friday, October 8, 2010


  © 2010 jerry kott-Storm Clouds

We had lots of chores to do on weekends when we came out from NYC. We
Purchased a gas powered push mower. We would take turns cutting the
Grass—lots of grass to cut. Being house poor was a challenge. We had to
buy a car, we were starting from scratch. Had to get shovels, rakes all
garden supplies, we managed. It was a wonderful time. I remember
spending hours on my knees looking out the windows at night. I would
just stare at the stars. We had two mattresses on the floor, a
refrigerator and a picnic table in the kitchen. I remember how
fascinated we were when a flock of honking geese would fly over. Even
seeing a deer in our yard was a new experience. During this time we had
our visitor, little Lenny the neighbor who we believe wanted to share
more than a road with us.
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