Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, October 15, 2010


Drain System?

The above is a photo of how well the drain system works. In the first
year of our home ownership, Lenny was pressuring us to write the
township, threatening to sue them because they didn't maintain the
swells on Alpine Drive. Because of their alleged lack of maintenance,
the clog swells forced surface water down the shared drive thus
creating a nuisance. What a crock of shit! We kept running the scenario
he created in our heads and it made absolutely no sense. It wasn't even
rational. He didn't like when we told him that if he felt it was a
problem, to write them. We did come out on a weekend in the near future
to discover mud all over out concrete porch. We believe he put it
there to prove his point. A fews years later, when the  township
manager, James McCann, had visited our home, he mentioned that our
neighbor was a miserable asshole. He also had asked what our neighbor
had against us.
I bit my lip again. I should have told him what we believed, that he
was a spurned lover and he wants revenge. Apparently he had made many
calls complaining about us. We joked to ourselves that we would not be
surprised if we were charged with stealing a decorating idea.

On a visit to his home earlier on, he and his wife had an argument in front of us as to who actually PICKED the wall paper pattern in their living room. Calling it a DRAIN System creates this mental image that there is system that gathers surface water and diverts it. The drain tile, buried in the ground, covered with an impervious surface, i.e. macadam, only diverts ground water, not surface water. The reason Lenny gave us for it's use (when he was pressuring us to have the "drain tile" on our land) was to divert GROUND water, not surface water. There is no rational explanation on how we or the road benefits from it. Changing the name from "Drain Tile" to "Drain System" is simply a matter of semantics and part of the shell game. All the engineering firms whose advice I sought either snickered at the use and said WTF. John Pitco , from a respected Engineering firm in the Lehigh Valley said he didn't want to waste my money paying for a report. He said the only time drain tile is used is to protect surfaces on airport runways...certainly, this wasn't the case. However Our Lawyer, George Berg, ignored everything we said. It was obvious at this point the we believe he had taken us down the garden Path. It is spooky when the lawyer you are paying doesn't get the reality of the case. even spookier when they don't want to get it.

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