Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

chapter 99-gun fire

                     February 27, 2018, working in the yard

There is and has been this pattern for some time. When we are working in our garden we begin to hear gunfire from Brett Schneider's property. On Sunday, February 25, 2018 we started to clean up our vegetable garden for a new season. We were both wearing flash orange, very visible. We heard what sounded like toy cannon fire which we believe was to alarm us and get our attention--the sound coming from Schneider's garage region. We documented the event and we started to record as we worked. We didn't rubber neck because we believe we were being watched. Then as we continued to rake we heard and recorded what sounded like a carbide cannon and a gun shot within seconds of each other. 3 years ago, I took out a bamboo grove 7 feet wide and 50 feet long where our vegetable garden is now. I hand-cut 500 stalks of bamboo and removed the root balls. The process was endless and took months. After it was discovered that I was regularly working in the garden region, there was predictable presence from the Schneider shared property line that we believe was meant to be disruptive, unsettling and menacing. Sounds would be made to get my attention. Bad imitations of dogs barking and strange guttural sounds were predictable. I continued to work and at times I documented. Often we would hear Jesse Repash's John Deere or ATV go up Alpine and come down to the rear of Schneider's property and just hang out and harass me as I worked. Too often when I was coming out of the house after taking I break, I would hear a male voice holler "here he comes" as I left our house to continue working. I also stacked all 500 stalks upright to cure, then after months moved them to a spot where they would interfere with the sightline from Schneider's property. And often, as I was working, there would be gun fire. 

                                                  February 27, 2018, weed whacking grasses

Friday, February 23, 2018

chapter 98 -Hunter

                           Encounter with Trespasser

We were cleaning out our rain spouting of debris at the rear of our home on Dec. 4, 2017 and we heard a loud single shot from our property. It was alarming and we decided to investigate. We don't investigate gunfire from other's property, but this came from our land nearby--too close for comfort. We put on our flash orange coats and hats and we walked towards the source of the gunshot. I was recording when we left our home vicinity. We followed the sound. Walking on our meditative path we discovered a hunter, Julius Laslo trespassing on our land standing over a dead doe he had just killed feet from the path. We didn't know who he was, he was a stranger to us. We approached him, still recording and told him he was trespassing . He seemed agitated by my persistence and we both were disturbed by his comment of "I am being nice".

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chapter 97 -twisted

                       Leaving Aug.20, 5:44 PM, 2017

If we get our car out of the garage and park in on our drive--as if we were going to be leaving our property, especially in warmer weather--we believe it increases the risk of a passive/aggressive action from Jesse Repash. Actions like Jesse standing at his door, uttering "fuckwad" and actions similar to this. There have been many times where it appears he tried to beat us to the drive on one of his outdoor vehicles just to harass us. There have been times he has tailgated us on the drive to create alarm. There has been a decrease in events that we believe has occurred because Repash doesn't have the opportunities to twist the event to be happenstance. Scott is no longer commuting to NYC for work 4 days a week on a schedule, so our actions aren't predictable. As I say, getting our car out of the garage and parking it on our drive seems to be a reliable factor for being guarded.
We have been having a somewhat regular schedule of leaving at that time and it created a pattern. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chapter 96 -Gun fire

                                        Gun shot             

This video is from Oct. 6, 2016. We were having dinner and I kept hearing an unusual noise coming from outside our home which wasn't familiar. Earlier in the day we kept hearing truck air brakes coming from the shared property line with Bret Schneider( the neighbor who he and his son stole our Barn Wood). We could see a large orange truck through the trees, maybe the township was doing some work on private property? Anyway the noise continued and I walked outside onto our drive to get a perspective as to where the sound was coming from as we were eating dinner- a revving engine sound. We always stand in a certain spots so our home security get us while we are investigating. I started to hear an ATV coming down Alpine drive from Schneider's property and started to record just in case, then it turn down Nursery Lane( our shared road), then I heard and recorded a single gun shot, possibly possibly 9mm. I stood and recorded the rest of this video just in case there were anymore gun shots then I came into our house. There are some details I am not including but are on the video.

For the record. We have bullet holes in our property, reported to the police and no legitimate investigation was done of the crime by the Lower Saucon Township Police. The bullet holes line up with the similar position from which this gun was fired. I have no idea what direction the gun was pointing when the trigger was pulled yesterday. We did not call the police to report this event because we believe and have documentation that we believe supports our belief that our Lower Saucon Township Police have been indifferent and dismissive to the many crimes that have occurred with us being the victim. We believe their incident reports are close to being works of fiction. Often the police can't seem to control their grimaces when we express our concerns in the past. We even had one patrol infer we could have fabricated evidence that he would not look at .

And how was your day?

Chapter 95- Live Bait

Excerpt of a 5 minute video of us going to investigating our mailbox alert on April 22, 2016

We were both working on art and we heard our mailbox alert go off. Sometime ago, after we purchased it, I e-mailed the Lower Saucon Township Police and notified them of the purchase and why the reason being, that we suspect the Repashes did the math and realized the timing of the mail delivery or noticed the alert when the box was opened. It was just a matter of time that our mailbox would be disturbed and we told the Lower Saucon Township Police in an e-mail, that we would investigate any disturbance, day or night--just in case we were baited and then charged with prowling. We also suspect that Jesse had been opening our mailbox to harass us and leaving the door down. After all, we had mail missing and had a  motion activated wildlife camera stolen that was inside our mailbox to deter these actions. What was disturbing is that Haggerty told me that Jesse Repash called to inform them that he found our mail scattered on the road and gathered it up to put it back in our mailbox. Haggerty said Repash called them just in case the camera captured him going into our mailbox. However, I requested from Haggerty that he give us a time and date of this "neighborly deed" and we received nothing from the Lower Saucon Township Police. I believe the camera was stolen after Haggerty's statement.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chapter 94 -Fox 29 News


This is a video I took from last nights Fox 29 ( from the TV) , Philly News where reporter Hank Flynn paid a visit to our property to report on our circumstances as victims of what we and others believe is bias . We have no idea what Jesse Repash is talking about at the end of the report about a dispute HIS father created and we are simply defending ourselves, so I believe the Repash family does't believe Gay people should do. We have contacted the Repash Family 3 times over decades to sit down , at our expense,with a licensed Mediator, to discuss what we believe to be cowardly behavior and they refused all 3 times to do so . We appreciate Hank Flynn's support in exposing the under belly of how acceptable gay bias. We document- more is happening to expose this injustice.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 93- What do you think?

                            slow motion for detail

I have written here before that the posts are not in perfect sequence. We have not stopped documenting even though the posts have been minimal. 

This was recent--Nov. 2, 2016 and I find it disturbing. The original is too long to post so I did a slow motion of an integral section. We document when we walk to the mail box on the shared road. The Repash family has not kept their desire a secret for us to give up our legal rights to the access road to our home which has been there for 200+ years. The harassment has been intergenerational. The father thought by outing us in his Universe that we would be eating out of his hand. He and his dead wife Mary sued us. He and his closet case lawyers were taken aback when we didn't fall to our knees when called "fags"and "queers". Jesse Repash, Leonard Repash's son, has taken the stalking harassment up many notches to a bizarre level. He recently baited us into investigating our rural mailbox at night. We were walking up the shared drive and he was waiting for us--it was dark--we had some words. But what was insane was that he called the police and they showed up at our home an hour later.

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