Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011, gun fire

Video of Gun fire on New Year's Eve , 2011 at 5:50 PM

12/31/ 2011 events

It was around 5:45 PM Dec. 31, 2011 and Scott had just stepped out the kitchen door to take down the vegetable matter to our compost pile and rapid gun fire came from near the property line (about 60 feet away)... from the Repash property—above the shared road. It was dark and the gun fire was close. Like they were waiting/stalking since we have the same cook out ritual and time table every week all year round on a Saturday night. The first round of gun fire came from near the spot that Jesse and Brett or his son
occupied earlier in the day. Then I came out and more gun fire happened near our pond-the person shooting was walking around. Total of about 20 shots from a high caliber over a period of 10 minutes—very brazen. We both got some iphone recordings of the gun fire with the flood lights next door etc.. Earlier in the day, Jesse was standing near the property line near the new feeder stand that is placed so he can get a view of our front porch and pretend he is feeding the birds.  We believe it is a convenient spot to stalk us and
pretend he is performing a chore, but a very inconvenient spot to refill and maintain on a regular basis. We believe he is totally obsessed with us and at his breaking point. 
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