Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011, gun fire

Video of Gun fire on New Year's Eve , 2011 at 5:50 PM

12/31/ 2011 events

It was around 5:45 PM Dec. 31, 2011 and Scott had just stepped out the kitchen door to take down the vegetable matter to our compost pile and rapid gun fire came from near the property line (about 60 feet away)... from the Repash property—above the shared road. It was dark and the gun fire was close. Like they were waiting/stalking since we have the same cook out ritual and time table every week all year round on a Saturday night. The first round of gun fire came from near the spot that Jesse and Brett or his son
occupied earlier in the day. Then I came out and more gun fire happened near our pond-the person shooting was walking around. Total of about 20 shots from a high caliber over a period of 10 minutes—very brazen. We both got some iphone recordings of the gun fire with the flood lights next door etc.. Earlier in the day, Jesse was standing near the property line near the new feeder stand that is placed so he can get a view of our front porch and pretend he is feeding the birds.  We believe it is a convenient spot to stalk us and
pretend he is performing a chore, but a very inconvenient spot to refill and maintain on a regular basis. We believe he is totally obsessed with us and at his breaking point. Jesse is not getting the reaction he is looking for
from us. It was the same spot where we recently saw a Red 
Votive candle burning outdoors throughout the
evening and into the night. The candle was on a stump, 
under an evergreen tree near a bed of pine needles—
not the safest place to burn a candle out doors. 
Maybe there were other intentions?  We saw Jesse standing 
there with who we believe was Brett or his adult son...he 
appeared to be very uncomfortable and would occasionally 
take a quick look down our way giving the appearance of 
planning something? Our dog had alerted us to their 
movement. Bret and his son have similar body structure. 
We got the impression that we were the topic of the
 conversation by their body language.  
The person who we believe may be Brett or his son would 
make quick glances our way, but looked like he was making 
a conscious effort to keep his back to us so we could not 
clearly identify anyone. They were looking down here for 
about 1 hour and some. This was observed from inside our 
home. Then later in the afternoon around 5, Scott was 
drying our dog off on the deck and we heard Brett shouting
"Happy New Year"  and waving down here several times to get
 our attention from near the shared property line.  We could 
see Jesse  there with his flash orange hat; the same hat he 
had on earlier in the day with a beak. We flipped it.

After the gun fire went off this evening, we called the Police.
 Scott dialed 911 around 5:50 PM . The police showed up; it 
was Ptlm. Haggerty again. He stated that we could be lying 
to him—he was trying to make us look foolish again.  He said 
the gun fire could becoming from a distance and we could 
be mistaken about the vicinity. Haggerty appeared to be 
looking for wiggle room for our neighbor.  We played the 
iphone and he was still dismissive and indifferent and kept 
trying to make us feel like we had a problem... he said 
"you might even have done the shooting yourselves and 
recorded it, that there was no visual evidence and we could
 be fabricating evidence. He said "is there a time/date 
stamp on the video, as it could be an old recording." He 
even said that "Jesse could have been target practicing"— 
it was dark. Then as we were talking, 4 rapid  same caliber 
gun shots came from Brett Schneider's property near the 
fire they were burning. We said to the Cop "did you hear that?
" Ptlm. Haggerty said, "Now that I heard." At first the cop was
 trying to make us feel like we were making it up...that we 
would fabricate evidence, that we may have mistaken gun 
fire at a distance and it was not coming from neighboring 
properties. I told him "I would take a polygraph test if he 
wanted me to prove I wasn't lying" and he showed 
apprehension by my request—like I was making a threat. 
We believe Haggerty was giving us the impression he was 
protecting our neighbors and knew what was going on, 
playing games again. He then went up to Brett Schnieder's 
after hearing the gun fire and then came back. His first 
response was "Boy, you sure have some neighbors." He said 
that Brett didn't hear any gunfire and was preparing for a 
party and it could have been another neighbor. Haggerty 
said he got "in his face" (referring to his speaking to Brett). 
There was a fire burning in Brett's backyard which was in 
the vicinity of the gun fire that the patrolman witnessed in 
our presence. The fire began burning right before sunset. We actually thought that some resolve would occur but again
felt totally dismissed. We were told by the township that 
fires at night are not permissible. We suspect it is some sort 
of Witchcraft ritual(another story). We believe the Patrolman
knew who was doing the gunfire and had given it a wink and 
a nod and protecting them. The gunfire does violate the 
township ordinance of shooting a firearm within 150 YARDS of
 an occupied property. Both incidences of gunfire were about
 30 to 60 feet away at best. And you can't discharge a gun at 
night. Another note was that our videos don't show the back 
porch light lit. The light is on day and night- something we 
can't help but observe. It was probably turned off to provide 

An addendum to what Jerry wrote about the gun fire from 
Repash + Schneider New Year's Eve, 12/31/11...

When Ptlm. Haggerty arrived, I met his vehicle at the 
property line where we keep a sawhorse barrier across the 
drive. After he got out and we were speaking, I saw Jesse 
briefly stick his head out his front door, then come over to 
the window at his "study". It appeared he was on the phone.
 As Ptlm. Haggerty drove up the drive to go to Schneider's to 
investigate the gunfire after Brett fired the 4 or 5 shots, 
I walked up our common drive to the property line to make 
certain he got out OK. I could see Jesse Repash again at his 
"study" window, appearing to be on the phone. It is my belief
 that he was probably calling Brett, telling him that the 
Officer was on his way up to see him.

Ptlm. Haggerty said since Brett or Jesse wasn't viewed or 
caught with a smoking gun, there was nothing he could do. 
That seems absurd. So we asked him "What do we do in the 
future when this happens, as it will continue to happen and 
escalate. What do we do if one of us is shot?" The only 
answer was "continue to call 911". The Police report of the 
investigation of the bullet hole we discovered in our outdoor 
security shade on Nov.13 ,in our opinion, is an insult. And, 
we could actually hear someone walking around near our 
property line near our pond in between the rapid fire being 
discharged by their high caliber firearm-they were that close.
  We were really spooked because at any moment a bullet
 could have come our way. There were branches snapping as
 they walked. We now have a hunch and  suspect that it was 
Brett or his adult son doing the shooting. He has been seen 
regularly hanging out next door with Jesse. There was a time recently 
when he was standing near the shared property line with 
Jesse staring over here. It was the day that Jesse's ATV got 
stuck in the mud right outside our window.

            Video I took on 2011 of New Year's Eve Gun fire

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