Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, December 13, 2010



It was mid morning on Sept. 7 ,1994 that we showed up near the 
required time at the Local Magistrate's office. Our neighbor and his 
son and his wife had arrived before us. We felt it was prudent to wait 
outside while they sat in the lobby. While we were outside, Officer 
Williams came out to talk. He wasn't in a friendly mood. While we were 
all outside, a sports car pulled up and a man got out. Williams 
asked if we knew who it was and we said no. He commenced to identity 
him as Philip Lauer. Williams had this demeanor like we were supposed to 
be quivering. Anyway, WIlliams had gone inside. He had come 
out and stated that a plea to Harassment was being proposed. we 
discussed it and decided against it. There was something to the ritual 
of a hearing that would document the history of us being abused and 
something Karmic about crossing the bridge to sanity based on 
establishing boundaries. We went inside and sat across the lobby 
opposing our neighbor and his entourage. What was interesting is that 
Lenny's daughter-and-law asked him " how was your small aircraft ride". 
She asked in a tone to bring our attention to the question. It spooked 
us a bit since recently there was a small aircraft sort of barn 
storming our house and property. This could have been him.

Monday, December 6, 2010



We felt terrible about Anna. She was caught in the cross fire of 
Lenny's mission. We just wanted Peaceful ,Quiet, Enjoyment. I believe 
that our neighbor was involved in the phone threat she received. Enough 
was enough. Our compassion for him was interpreted as a weakness. We 
kept records of the harassment. The Police apparently had talked to him 
and he denied any involvement. I called the Police and said we had it 
with his behavior. I believe they were playing a game, they didn't want 
to get involved. They stalled and I told the dispatcher that if someone 
didn't come to our home within a reasonable amount of time, I was going 
to call the State Police. There is an opinion that the State Police are 
objective in enforcing the Law. Many believe that the Lower Saucon 
Township Police are subjective in their enforcement of the law. When we 
called them to report an event years earlier , when our security light 
was shot out, they stopped at our neighbor's home first, the patrolman 
then came to our house and said he wasn't home. As we were standing on the 
drive with the Patrolman, our neighbor squeals out of his drive and 
goes off. So it wasn't a surprise that the Police were stalling.

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