Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, December 6, 2010



We felt terrible about Anna. She was caught in the cross fire of 
Lenny's mission. We just wanted Peaceful ,Quiet, Enjoyment. I believe 
that our neighbor was involved in the phone threat she received. Enough 
was enough. Our compassion for him was interpreted as a weakness. We 
kept records of the harassment. The Police apparently had talked to him 
and he denied any involvement. I called the Police and said we had it 
with his behavior. I believe they were playing a game, they didn't want 
to get involved. They stalled and I told the dispatcher that if someone 
didn't come to our home within a reasonable amount of time, I was going 
to call the State Police. There is an opinion that the State Police are 
objective in enforcing the Law. Many believe that the Lower Saucon 
Township Police are subjective in their enforcement of the law. When we 
called them to report an event years earlier , when our security light 
was shot out, they stopped at our neighbor's home first, the patrolman 
then came to our house and said he wasn't home. As we were standing on the 
drive with the Patrolman, our neighbor squeals out of his drive and 
goes off. So it wasn't a surprise that the Police were stalling.

When Officer Williams arrived to our home he was obviously 
uncomfortable. We invited him into our kitchen and presented him with 
some documentations of events. He interrupted me and said "I want to 
make it clear that I don't approve of the Gay Lifestyle!". I said 
"what is your point". When we showed him the documentation, he kept 
looking for wiggle room. He kept saying the the statute of limitations 
had run out on many of the alleged affronts. I said that doesn't mean 
they didn't happen, they were evidence of the history of harassment.  He kept repeating "You must be doing something to provode your neighbor!" Which he repeated several times. I responded "we are breathing, that is what provokes him". It 
was obvious that he was frustrated that we weren't going to eat out of 
his hand. He told us that if we wanted to press charges to visit the 
Lower Saucon Township Police Headquarters to do so. I had been there 
years ago to speak with the Police because I was concerned that our 
neighbor and his cronies were railroading me with some charges. The 
Patrolman on duty said that would never happen. It already did happen 
with the bogus lawsuit...we were already falsely accused so I just 
wanted to CYA. he brushed me off. 
We arrived on Sunday, Aug. 7, 1994  at the Police Station to fill out the police report. There were 
a million other places I would have rather been. But what was startling 
and should have given us a clear indication of the mind set of the 
Lower Saucon Township Police is when Officer Williams asked Officer 
Swartz, I believe his name was, to be a witness as he read US OUR  
MIRANDA RIGHTS. Officer Williams read us the Miranda act before we filled 
out the Police report. Just a note, Officer Swartz had responded to a 
call I had made to the Police years earlier when a truck driven by a women, with 2 
child passengers had come down the drive to our home and requested to seal the 
drive with driveway sealer. There was just something suspicious about 
them. I recall that there were reports on the paper about this sort of 
scam. I thought I was just doing the right thing by calling them, and he 
I told him we were a Gay couple, he already knew. I told him about 
some of the affronts by our neighbor and he actually took a law book 
of sorts out of the patrol car to see if our neighbor had violated any 
bias Laws. Our neighbor hadn't because the Laws didn't exist. However when we were at the Police 
Headquarters we were reading a bulletin board that had a document from 
the State saying to the effect that Homosexual State Employees were 
protected. So I guess we were suppose to wait for Equality to trickle 
down to the soiled masses. Sort of like trickle down economics. Anyway 
we were given the forms to fill out, filled them out and went home. 
We read in the local newspaper in some time that our neighbor was 
actually being charged with "Stalking". We were amazed because we had 
expected something less. I guess we can assume that his actions fit the 
definition. The next thing was the Preliminary Hearing at the Local 
Magistrates office. 
Any opinions or comments? 

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