Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 73-Golf Balls


When the two Lower Saucon Township Police offieres were here on April 6, 2013, we mentioned the golf balls we have accumulated over time. We mentioned that we made a call some time ago and Officer Marth showed up. Officer Marth told  us that reporting harassment would only escalate it. That didn't prevent us from getting a bullet hole in our security light that we believe is a threat and retaliation and a warning because  Jesse Repash was forced to move his ATV that he had parked on Nursery Lane for hours baiting us in the recent past. That is the reason I made the most recent 911 call and told the police that we will continue to do so if it happens again. A day when Jesse repash and Brett Schneider taunted/harassed us to get our attention. Anyway, Corporal Connel gave us the impression that we should be reporting the golf balls. We said why? If we report a bullet hole and Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider are NOT interviewed in the original police report and we believe the Lower Saucon Township Police go out of their way to make us look foolish and just blow smoke.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chapter 72-Walking up drive to get mail

Damaged mail box, 1-26-11

This entry photo is a photo our our mail box after someone damaged it. We never reported it to the Lower Saucon Township Police. If fact there have been many act that we never call the police to record because we believe they always try to make us look like fools when we do. That is why it has been duct taped to keep it together. We believe we know who has done the damage. It probably is the same person who had been opening our mailbox early evening several nights a week.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chapter 71--Toy Cannon Fire

It was April 11, 2013 around 3:45 p.m.. I was in the kitchen and I thought I heard a loud sound of sorts coming from the direction of Brett Schneider's property, near the shared property line, similar to gun fire. In a few minutes, I heard it again then again. Our dog became agitated at the first bang. He has alerted us many times to the gun fire that is close to our house, especially at night. Recently we have heard, what we believed to be a single gun shot at night that appears to come from the Repash Property, near our shared property line. Our dog would all of a sudden start barking which alerted us to the sound.We were startled but didn't really know what it was at first. However it would not continue so identification was difficult . We don't believe it is wise to go outside our home to investigate the source gun fire at night. We already have a bullet hole in our security light shade that proves that the bullet came from a gun fired from the Repash property. We believe the Lower Saucon Township Police are letting Jesse Repash get away with putting the hole in the shade. We believe Brett Schneider was a witness.

Chapter 70--Parked on Nursery Lane/911 call--BS

                                         And my dog ate my homework! BS

What I find sort of sad is the women, Julie Hackler, leaving this message on our machine doesn't believe a word she is saying.  The awkwardness is obvious.

We can pick up on the manic stalking vibe of Jesse Repash. I was watching the evening news, eating dinner and I heard the din of Jesse's ATV while sitting in the living room. However, I noticed something earlier when I took out some dog fur to put in the garden. As I was walking back to the house, I could see the silhouette of Jesse standing in front of their porch, looking down here. I even went back and turned around and walked back to our porch  to double check and he was indeed standing and looking down here. Anyway, his drive by, like the one's we have become accustomed to, was part of the bigger picture- a heads up. He even did a few on saturday April 6 for the police that we announced "show time".

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chapter 69--Hoodoo fire

Hoodoo fire

On April 6, 2013 there was a Hoodoo fire that we 
believe is meant for us to see . Scott was cleaning 
the grill and he heard the  commotion meant

to get his attention. Jesse was throwing accelerant on 
the fire which is demonstrated in the photos. He heard 
what sounded like  Debbie Repash shout, "you almost 
killed me", responding the explosive nature of the 
accelerant.  He also heard them burping. He said he 
believes it sounded like they were burping his name 
and mine to get his attention. We have also heard in 
the past them imitating the ribbit of a frog but repeating
 "faggot, faggot, faggot". These fires seem to coincide 
with us calling the police or us ignoring Jesse when his 
hackle is up. The fires use to occur regularly.

?????????????????????? -Post 68

                           5:54 PM March 24

Here are some video evidence to watch. When Corp. Connel and Officer Roxberry were at our home on April 6, 2013, we both got the impression that Roxberry was trying to berate our perception of events. You could see Corp. Connel process information but we both suspected that Roxberry was throwing curve ball all the time. He was the Patrolman who showed up years ago when we reported the dead Rat that was put at our door step. The absolute first thing he said when he saw the actual Rat was "it doesn't look like a rat to me" to which I replied, "then what does it look like"- what a bazaar question for him to ask- shell game. It has always seemed that overtime when we ask a question of the  Lower Saucon Township Police, they throw us a curve ball. Then he asked how our stalking case with Leonard Repash went. He sat in the  District Magistrate's, Diane Repyneck, courtroom while we had our preliminary hearing. We resounded that we believe that we were railroad into dropping the  stalking charges. He seemed a little curious. He was on the two way with Williams, the officer that told us he didn't approve of the Gay Lifestyle. But what we both found curious is that when we were going into some detail. we heard Williams on the two way say "get out of there". That struck us as odd.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chapter 67--Unannounced visit by Lower Saucon Township Police on April 6,2013

 Below is our response letter to the visit made by the Lower Saucon Township Police. As is mention in the texted it created more questions than answers. We believe it was just blowing smoke on the police behalf. Looking for wiggle room rather than resolve. This visit was prompted by our vist to the Northampton County District Attorney's Office on April 5,2013

Lower Saucon Township Police

Corporal Connell and Officer Roxberry

We slept on the exchange that occurred on Saturday, April 6, 2013 and still believe and feel no sense of security that any future harassment/stalking involving the Repashes or Brett Schneider will be treated with any serious concern as demonstrated in the past. The reality that Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider were not even interviewed in the report concerning the bullet hole in our security light shade doesn't fostera sense of security. We suspect, for some reason, that they have been protected. Again, we have dozens of videos of real gun fire that we believe is staged to harass and stalk us. We felt that most every incidence of harassment and stalking we discussed was willfully minimized to appear to make   us look foolish, like a shell game .
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