Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chapter 71--Toy Cannon Fire

It was April 11, 2013 around 3:45 p.m.. I was in the kitchen and I thought I heard a loud sound of sorts coming from the direction of Brett Schneider's property, near the shared property line, similar to gun fire. In a few minutes, I heard it again then again. Our dog became agitated at the first bang. He has alerted us many times to the gun fire that is close to our house, especially at night. Recently we have heard, what we believed to be a single gun shot at night that appears to come from the Repash Property, near our shared property line. Our dog would all of a sudden start barking which alerted us to the sound.We were startled but didn't really know what it was at first. However it would not continue so identification was difficult . We don't believe it is wise to go outside our home to investigate the source gun fire at night. We already have a bullet hole in our security light shade that proves that the bullet came from a gun fired from the Repash property. We believe the Lower Saucon Township Police are letting Jesse Repash get away with putting the hole in the shade. We believe Brett Schneider was a witness.
Anyway, I opened our deck door  at 3:50 p.m. and didn't go out . This event was motivated by my 911 call made on the night April 9 when Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider were standing on Nursery Lane waiting for me to leave and were hollering at me as I was on the phone with the 911 operator and Scott. I had the 911 operator on the cell phone and Scott on the land line. Very often we have seen both Brett Schneider and Jesse Repash standing near the shared Schneider property line staring at us. Often they have made primal noises to get our attention. The cannon noise was being created to harass and mock us. I stood at the door and started to record. If you notice the time between the bang you will know that it is a toy cannon and not gun fire. You can compare the recording of the gun fire I have posted here to this event. However, I haven't posted all the recordings of gun fire , only a fraction of them to give a time line and pattern. It was specifically staged for maximum effect because we use to take our dog for his daily walk on our land around that time. Often gun fire would start from Schneiders property seconds after we stepped off our porch, that is stalking. We now go later for the walk. I stood in the door way and recorded and note how our dog reacts to the sound. This is the way he has been barking at night recently when we believe a single gun shot is being fired from the Repash Property to created concern. It is call "gas lighting", a stalkers MO.  Considering the time line, this cannon fire is meant to be a joke and mock our concerns and to harass/alarm us. Then there was what sounded like toy cap gun fire. I stayed in the house.

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