Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chapter 70--Parked on Nursery Lane/911 call--BS

                                         And my dog ate my homework! BS

What I find sort of sad is the women, Julie Hackler, leaving this message on our machine doesn't believe a word she is saying.  The awkwardness is obvious.

We can pick up on the manic stalking vibe of Jesse Repash. I was watching the evening news, eating dinner and I heard the din of Jesse's ATV while sitting in the living room. However, I noticed something earlier when I took out some dog fur to put in the garden. As I was walking back to the house, I could see the silhouette of Jesse standing in front of their porch, looking down here. I even went back and turned around and walked back to our porch  to double check and he was indeed standing and looking down here. Anyway, his drive by, like the one's we have become accustomed to, was part of the bigger picture- a heads up. He even did a few on saturday April 6 for the police that we announced "show time".

I kept my eye on the circumstance from inside the house. I would video tape from the front door, the window in Scott's studio. After he came down and back he parked on the drive with the cart facing us with the large reflective triangle at the rear. I taped to give a time line, to monitor the time line. It ended up that he was parked there until I was going to leave to pick up Scott- for 2 hours. I even wrote an e-mail and sent it prior to getting ready to leave the house as evidence. I walked on the treadmill after dinner and finished at 8:05 PM and looked out Scott's studio window and the ATV was still parked on Nursery Lane.

I spoke with Scott earlier and said that something was up. I opened the garage. I had originally planned to get the car out, pull it in front of the shed with the high beams on, record me walking up to move the barrier with the headlights on me. However when I exited from our sidewalk onto the macadam going to the garage, I always glance up the drive. That is the region a gun was fired from that put the bullet hole in our security light. Jesse and Brett like to stand there and stare down here. I looked up and the ATV was not moved and Jesse and Brett were standing next to it looking down here. They may have been shirtless? I went into the garage. The time was 8:22 PM.  I had called Scott from the house phone prior to leaving our house to go to the garage and he was on the line all the time. So he was aware instantly what was going on. I decided to call 911. I spoke to the operator about our concern. They were waiting for me to leave. I also had the POV going all the time so it recorded the visual but also recorded the audio of me on the phone with the 911 operator, a male.
I stood in front of the garage while out of their site on the phone with the operator , sharing our concern and circumstance. Jesse and Brett's performance was very brazen considering the circumstances and the visit to the DA's office. The 911 operator  was short in telling me to get into our house and lock the door until the police arrive. I paused on the drive  at 8:25 PM with the POV on and they were still standing on the drive near the ATV in the same position and turned on the lights on the ATV, then turned them off. That gave me the precise location and was a help in clarifying my concern and placement. I went into the house. I had Scott on the house phone and the 911 operator on the iphone at the same time. I briefly went out on our porch to check and I heard the ATV start up, I came back in. The police arrived at 8:38 PM. They moved the barrier. I greeted them on our  drive. Officer Eric Marth was the lead, (the batman car) and Officer Thomas Louder was in the SUV. Officer Marth led the dialogue. I explained our concern and the validity of the call, considering the police were here on Saturday, April 6,2013 a day after we visited the DA's office. I told them that I wasn't going to move the barrier and kept my distance because we have serious concerns. We do have a bullet hole in our security light shade that came for the region where they were standing. Blah, blah, blah. I sensed that Marth was trying blow smoke and spin the situation into irrelevancy. He was the one who responded when we were discovering more Golf Balls on the drive. He told us not to bother to call because it would only create more harassment. I always tell the police about our attempts of get the Repash's to go to mediation and they refused. Brett told us years ago that they have police scanners in the hood and they scatter when they pick up the call.
I drove out to get Scott and came home and the Police were still next door. I put the barrier back, I downloaded the POV, sent it and we went to bed. We received a phone message from Officer Marth at 9:46 p.m.. I returned the call at 9:52 by leaving a message.

What we both found worth noting was that the Lower Saucon  Township Police left our home at 9:06 PM and went  next door to the Repashs. When we got home at at close to 9:30 PM, they were still there. We didn't pay an attention to when the actully left. We hope they had a good time mocking us for our concerns. The last time Jesse Repash was forced to move his ATV off Nursery lane, we heard a single gun shot that evening and later discovered a bullet hole in our dusk to dawn security light shade. The bullet came for the Repash property region. We believe , among with other who have heard this saga, that the Lower Saucon Township Police are protecting Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider for some reason????????. 

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