Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, April 8, 2013

?????????????????????? -Post 68

                           5:54 PM March 24

Here are some video evidence to watch. When Corp. Connel and Officer Roxberry were at our home on April 6, 2013, we both got the impression that Roxberry was trying to berate our perception of events. You could see Corp. Connel process information but we both suspected that Roxberry was throwing curve ball all the time. He was the Patrolman who showed up years ago when we reported the dead Rat that was put at our door step. The absolute first thing he said when he saw the actual Rat was "it doesn't look like a rat to me" to which I replied, "then what does it look like"- what a bazaar question for him to ask- shell game. It has always seemed that overtime when we ask a question of the  Lower Saucon Township Police, they throw us a curve ball. Then he asked how our stalking case with Leonard Repash went. He sat in the  District Magistrate's, Diane Repyneck, courtroom while we had our preliminary hearing. We resounded that we believe that we were railroad into dropping the  stalking charges. He seemed a little curious. He was on the two way with Williams, the officer that told us he didn't approve of the Gay Lifestyle. But what we both found curious is that when we were going into some detail. we heard Williams on the two way say "get out of there". That struck us as odd.
                                     6:00 PM

Anyway, on April 6, 2013 Roxberry made a point of telling us that he was the officer who responded to the call about gun fire from Brett Schneider's property on March 24, 2011 ?. He then verified that when he arrive he saw a toy cannon blah, blah ,blah. We let him talk. What we found disturbing was when Roxberry seem to make an attempt to take us down the garden path. He inferred that retaliation could be a possibility, you know tit for tat, petty shit. Corp Connel had this look on his face that said it all. We had one time did an  event years ago with Leonard,Jesse Repash's father . We would find fruit on our drive meant to harass us. You know "fruit" another dated slang for gay men. We would find oranges, plums and peaches on occasion. We would just ignore it. Then I tossed a banana on his drive and Lenny ran over it with his car and we never found any fruit after that. We believe that Brett and Jesse and too unstable and playing games is not our thing, we would rather tell the TRUTH. You don't have to remember the truth, it is always there. Lies are too hard to remember . The tit for tat testing the water never went beyond the subtile introduction or was it bait. Anyway, included are video evindece  that prompted  the  March 24 call to the Police. We believe that Jesse and Brett are and have been  stalking us and know our schedules. We actually have lives with schedules and discipline. The videos are in sequence. We both remember when the police arrived, that we heard the outburst of laughter which has only reinforced our perception that the Police think this is some kind of game and a joke. Roxberry said we said in the call to the police that we didn't want them to follow up that night. We don't remember saying anything like that.

                                     7:30 PM

                                         7:45 PM

                                      8:10 PM

                                     8:22 PM

This is  only  the stuff we recorded that evening.

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