Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 73-Golf Balls


When the two Lower Saucon Township Police offieres were here on April 6, 2013, we mentioned the golf balls we have accumulated over time. We mentioned that we made a call some time ago and Officer Marth showed up. Officer Marth told  us that reporting harassment would only escalate it. That didn't prevent us from getting a bullet hole in our security light that we believe is a threat and retaliation and a warning because  Jesse Repash was forced to move his ATV that he had parked on Nursery Lane for hours baiting us in the recent past. That is the reason I made the most recent 911 call and told the police that we will continue to do so if it happens again. A day when Jesse repash and Brett Schneider taunted/harassed us to get our attention. Anyway, Corporal Connel gave us the impression that we should be reporting the golf balls. We said why? If we report a bullet hole and Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider are NOT interviewed in the original police report and we believe the Lower Saucon Township Police go out of their way to make us look foolish and just blow smoke.

 We believe the golf balls that we have accumulated from our lawn were put there by Brett Schneider's son. We use to hear a sound that we could not place. We knew where it was coming from but could not place what it was, it was a smack of sorts. We had been finding golf balls but never connected the dots. Then I walked towards the sound one day and Brett's son was standing behind his house whacking golf balls from the rear of Brett Scneider property. I told him to stop. What we found strange was later that day Brett Schneider called in sort of a panic. He told us his son would stop. His son had worked at the Bethlehem Municipal Gold Course, he said and we guessed the golf balls were a "fringe benefit".  Any way, in the past several years, the golf balls seem to lobbed from the Repash Property down Nursery Lane to get our attention. 

Welcome to our reality.

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