Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chapter 72-Walking up drive to get mail

Damaged mail box, 1-26-11

This entry photo is a photo our our mail box after someone damaged it. We never reported it to the Lower Saucon Township Police. If fact there have been many act that we never call the police to record because we believe they always try to make us look like fools when we do. That is why it has been duct taped to keep it together. We believe we know who has done the damage. It probably is the same person who had been opening our mailbox early evening several nights a week.

                    Recent damage to mail box door 2013

We believe that when we ever tell the Lower Saucon Township Police anything it either gets interpreted into something that always seems to make us look like fools. This post is about clearing things up. We believe the most recent increase in Jesse Repash mania is to to the reality that we have recently started to WALK UP THE DRIVE,NURSERY LANE TO ALPINE DRIVE TO GET OUR US MAIL.  This simple act seems to have blown a gasket in Jesse Repash. The event during Hurricane Sandy was to bait us to actually walk on Nursery Lane so Brett Schneider can declare that we are trespassing. The reality is the Officer Haggerty told us that Jesse Repash told him THAT WE CAN'T "WALK" ON THE SHARED ROAD.  The irony is, Brett was the trespasser.  We actually had started to DRIVE up Nursery Lane from our property to Alpine Drive, then continue over to Apple St years ago. Then turn around and come home. One of the various reasons we requested that the Repashs sit down with a Mediator  almost 3 years ago was because we believe that it is a compromising situation to walk up Nursery Lane for a number of reasons. Debbie Repash would stare at us as we walked by. When we would say hello, she would not respond. Jesse would stare. Or come out of the house and laugh when our backs were to them and make strange sounds. They both did that.   Many of the events that resulted in Leonard Repash being charged with Stalking by the Lower Saucon Township Police , almost 20 years ago, occurred as I walked to get our US mail.We didn't charge Leonard with stalking, the Lower Saucon Township Police took the information we gave them and they did the charging. However , the Northampton District Attorney's office said, considering the information supplied in the police report, the Lower Saucon Township Police went easy on Leonard Repash, Jesse's father.

                 walking up Nursery lane to get mail

Recently we said FUCK IT, we have been advised  to just walk up and let them arrest you which we are doing now. Jesse Repash seems to believe that our walking up Nursery lane to get our mail once a day is an affront of sorts. That is the road to our house and has been for 200 years. Jesse recently installed a Wild Life Camera feet from the shared property line facing our property next to the road. We suspect it is suppose to intimidate us for some reason. However , the Lower Saucon Township Police told us some time ago it doesn't work. Even if it does, we don't give a fuck.


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