Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, October 8, 2010


  © 2010 jerry kott-Storm Clouds

We had lots of chores to do on weekends when we came out from NYC. We
Purchased a gas powered push mower. We would take turns cutting the
Grass—lots of grass to cut. Being house poor was a challenge. We had to
buy a car, we were starting from scratch. Had to get shovels, rakes all
garden supplies, we managed. It was a wonderful time. I remember
spending hours on my knees looking out the windows at night. I would
just stare at the stars. We had two mattresses on the floor, a
refrigerator and a picnic table in the kitchen. I remember how
fascinated we were when a flock of honking geese would fly over. Even
seeing a deer in our yard was a new experience. During this time we had
our visitor, little Lenny the neighbor who we believe wanted to share
more than a road with us.

He had volunteered to collect the US Mail that accumulated during
the week which meant we had to visit their home to collect it on
Saturdays. That was getting a bit awkward because his wife was starting
to confide in us. The conversations were getting uncomfortable. She
would apologize for his spending hours at our home, yes hours. Every
weekend he awaited for us to arrive. He set our gaydar off the first
night we met after the closing. He had a shining and twinkle in his
eye for us.  These conversations he was trying us to engage in were
sexual in nature. He was on a phishing expedition. We would discuss, if
he wanted to get into our pants or was looking for tinder for
extortion.I had later been told by a neighbor, Anna Chazar, that he
told her that he had gay neighbors. He told her that one week after we
bought the property in 1983. He was making us very uncomfortable.  We
knew he knew but he didn't know that we also knew , you could smell it.
He would wait for us when we would leave our property and would be
waiting for us when we got back. He would stop us on the road and
interrogated us as to where we were and what we bought. In the mean
time, Scott's sister Becky and her husband Peter Johnstone were at a
Lehigh County Company picnic in Hellertown and casually brought up that
her brother
had purchased a home next to Lenny. We were told that their reaction
a back and forth glance to each other, displaying the type of eye
action that
exhibited pondering, alarm and caution. They told them to tell us to
keep our distance. We had already had felt a dark cloud and they
already just reinforced our concern.  As I said before, the
conversations were becoming more and more sexual in nature. We believe
he was trying to season his prey. We were adults  but felt like he was
desperately trying to get us into a compromising situation. I received
a baloney for Christmas , the first year,  disguised as a penis with
testicles. He would talk about his swollen scrotum. He once put his
hand on my thigh when getting up from our porch—a pass?. Really
creepy, we had no idea how to tactfully deal with this. He seemed so
calculating. We naively had
given him a key to our home for emergencies. However when we arrived on
weekends, the house was closed up all week, we could smell pipe smoke...
he smoked a pipe. That evidence creeped us out that he was going into
our house with no real permission—taking liberties.When we picked up
our mail, basically junk mail, the envelopes were crinkled- bank
statements, like they were wet and dried out. We surmised that maybe he
was trying to steam them open or he was trying to get a better view. He
even had cleared a section of our land where he wanted us to put in our
own road. He kept getting more hostile since we weren't taking his
bait. During this period he was trying to force us to agree to putting
in drain tile, to divert ground water for our basements, he had a
spring in his, we didn't in ours. We hadn't even owned the property for
one year when he started his nagging. In addition to the drain tile, he
wanted us to repave the road, paying for ours and paying for half of
his. He was persistent, we resisted. He even got estimates. We kept
saying NO. He started to get more hostile. He even came over drunk on a
saturday night, after WE got home from visiting his wife in the
hospital-he was nowhere to be seen. That night his wife told us that he
could not wait for her to die.   That evening he asked us "whose bed
he was going to sleep in that night". We pretended we didn't hear him
and asked him to leave-creepy. It was adding up for a while. Single
men would show up at our home in cars claiming they were lost. The
visit  from he and a very effeminate man who he described as his
brother in-law, a public school teacher in Delaware.  One of those "are
they, aren't they" moments--the Test.. We knew at this point to be mum
just to
get this nut away-no pity sex. He stopped collecting our mail, what a
relief. His
wife at this point was asking us to suggest to him that he get
professional help on her behalf. She said he would listen to us because
he considered us friends...what a can of worms. She also reiterated that
his anger was alienating her from her friends visiting. She said he was
starting to use curse words since he met us. Also she asked if we were
calling their home and when she answered,  would hang up. She knew !
He kept persisting about the repaving and finally I screamed NO, he
stammered away saying, "he had to do something". What a relief, no more
Lenny inviting himself to visit . We felt
sorry for him.    A few months later,Scott had come out early  from NYC
in the week to meet  a contractor from Morris Black. We were getting an
estimate for rain spouting for our garage and soffit vents for the
house. When Scott had arrived to the drive, it was dug up with a ditch
running from the top  side of the drive, down the the right past
Lenny's garages, past his house then down close to the property line
then made a sharp left down to the rear yard, about 700 feet. Scott had
met the contractor at the top of the drive. They walked down gingerly
next to the open trench. They both witnessed a very active spring at
the bottom of the ditch. Scott had explained the situation and the
contractor said the ground water was not our problem. Jesse, his son,
was working for  the contractor who was hired for the excavating.  Mike Carp was a neighbor and worked for his brother. Later in the Law Suit , a document was furnished from Mike Carb as EXPERT testimony as to why the drain system works. Scott discovered that the signature on the estimate from Mike Karp , which was furnished in the law suit, matched if you sandwiched the two documents. Thus we believe the expert testimony was a forgery.The
contractor, that the mail carrier  had said years later when we sent a certified mail to was returned, was on the lam because he
got caught cheating his physically challenged brother-longer story.   See anymore
red flags? We thought this was supposed to be fun! This was becoming a

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