Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, April 25, 2014

Chapter 85 -follow up to County Detective


Below is the follow up letter we wrote to Frank Jordan, the Country detective who we spoke to. I believe it was important to include it here because it covers what we believe is a very important aspect of the dialogue. In the conversation with the police at some point we both suspected there was an attempt to lead us down the garden path. We suspect that the one Patrolman was attempting to maybe possibly entrapment is trying to get us to say things and then take them out of context. We wonder if we should have just ask them to leave because we believe now the whole event was a ruse and waste of our time. I reiterated this aspect this week, April 22, 2014,  in my conversation with Patrolman John Bowlby . The police play this shell game . Bowlby suggested this week that we could change our schedule in order to screw with Jesse Repash planning his stalking/harassment- how absurd . He stated when I told him that recently Debbie Repash was following me up Nursery Lane with what looked like a phone camera, he suggested she was simply protecting herself from me-she was harassing me! How is she protecting herself from WHAT?  We believe that Jesse Repash has some serious shit on the police and that is why it comes off as them protecting he and Brett Schneider.
But what was a disappointment was that when I called Frank Jordan to get his e-mails address, I  got the impression that he was mocking me and our concerns by his tone, a snicker.

Letter to county detective as a follow up to police visit.

Dear Detective Frank Jordan

Thank you for your time in sitting with us to get a brief synopsis of
our victimization. But we believe it is important to document the
process.We had been advised to arrive unannounced at the District
Attorney's office to avoid any canned response. I was told in an
e-mail years ago by Bernie O'Hare, that the word is there is a gay
attorney working in the DA's office. Bernie had an e-mail dialogue
with Mr. Kott documented by the dozens of mails he saved.
Bernie seemed concerned about our circumstances. He even suggested
that Mr. Kott write John Stoffa because he has a dog in the race...he
has a gay son. However it is disappointing the the mail to John Stoffa
was ignored. We asked the woman at the front desk if a gay person was
available. She seemed surprised by the request. We asked because
often there is more of a semblance of understanding of the bias when
communicating with someone who is on the same page. She then
thought that maybe it would help to speak with a Detective and then
we sat down with you. We both agreed that you listened to a very brief
rundown of the crimes we have experienced but we both left sensing
that you didn't hear what we were saying. It seems to have gotten your
hackle up by our perspective that this region is riddled with bias,
especially for LBGT folks. We live outside the castle walls and know
full well the reality of being gay, elderly men in a region not known
for understanding. Thanks for forwarding our concerns to the Lower
Saucon Township Police.

The  representatives of the Lower Saucon Township Police, Corp. Connell
and Officer Roxberry showed up unannounced on two separate occasions.
On the second try we were home. It is with honest disappointment that
we believe the discussion was just an attempt to blow smoke and not be
productive for us. Roxberry was the officer that responded to our
report of finding a dead rat put at our door step years ago. We still
remember how disturbing it was that his first words were "it doesn't
look like a rat to me".

We were candid in our dialogue but suspected that many of our concerns
were being spun to make us look foolish. We mentioned the
dozens of events where gun fire was use to harass (we have dozens
of video tape evidence) only to get a written police report that we
were actually hearing "toy cannon fire" from a reported event. We tried
to discuss many aspects of the stalking harassment and we both
suspected that most of our concerns were watered down to two high
strung queers over reacting to bias. Connell mentioned that our
stalkers were just doing this stuff to get our attention...but isn't
that what harassment and stalking is?. After all, the Police did charge
Leonard Repash, the father with stalking in 1994. But what we
both found disturbing is when Roxberry put his toe in the water to test
what we believe was our temperament towards us harassing back. 
Connell's eyes nearly
popped out of his head at that mention. We responded that doing a
tit-for-tat with what we believe are two very unstable men who have
used guns and gunfire to systematically harass and stalk us for years
would be insane. We still have a bullet hole in our security light
shade and no one was charged for the crime, yes crime. When
LGBT folks are victimized it is not always a flesh wound, bias
goes to the bone. That is the reason for bias/hate crime laws.
Too often the quality of the investigation of the bias crimes is
equivalent to being victimized again. We believe, along with others,
that the reality that Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider were NEVER
even questioned when we reported the crime of the bullet hole, leaves us
vulnerable to it being done again. We never got the answer to why
Officer Werkheiser said "you could save yourself a lot of trouble by
putting in your own road". What does he mean by "trouble"? We would
like to know why Officer Haggerty, seconds after getting our of the
patrol car, said he suspected that our evidence could be fabricated
and refused to watch videos of night time gunfire recorded minutes 
he arrived. There are layers to our victimization and we believe
there are layers of protection for our assailants.

Another layer to this saga is the speed bumps that Jesse Repash
installed on Nursery Lane, the shared drive, without any notification
or permission from us. But what was is even more disturbing is that we
saw the Lower Saucon Township road crew truck park on Nursery Lane
for hours the day they were installed. We were told that the shared 
drive was going to be sealed
and speed bumps were put there. We have video that supports our
observations.Both officers Connell and Roxberry expressed concern
for the access of emergency vehicles because of the extremes of
the bumps. Also the two Patrolman who responded to the 911 call
on April 9, 2013 reiterated the extreme height of the speed bumps.
However Cannon and Roxberry said they would investigate and we
haven't gotten any response. Also we saw a Lower Saucon Township Road
maintenance truck sealing 4 drives in the neighborhood, including
Nursery Lane, our shared road. I wrote Tom Maxfield a year ago and
he ignored our request as to why the Township is in the road maintenance
business on private property. Yes, again we have video evidence.

So the layers to this crime spree are numerous. Even on April 11, both
Debbie Repash and Jesse Repash , we believe, made it known that we are 
very much in
their crosshairs. And the 911 call on April 8 was legitimate. The
circumstances that provoked the call were the same circumstances that
we believe happened the evening that the bullet hole was put in our
security light shade--that was meant as retaliation for us standing 

If you are interested in getting more details, there is a blog you can
visit. The link will not be provided because the County site will not
let links through. If you google "Str8jacquet-crime and punishment" and
Jerry Kott you will get a link.

We plan on making an appointment with John Morganelli to get resolve.


Jerry Kott and Scott Bolestridge

cc: District Attorney John Morganelli  ( sent FedEx )

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