Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Fever--chapter 86

4/26/14-packing heat

There is this ritual as the temperature rises, where on Saturdays we have been greeted by Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider as we either ingress or egress or both making menacing stares as we pass. They take this posturing stance as we pass. The photo in the lead here is a screen shot from our dashboard cam. Note the stance and Jesse is packing heat. I guess you can never be too prepared for a terrorist attacks, an attack from a wayward Swan or you have to keep those rabid old Gay Seniors in line so they know there place.  The pattern is that it appears that if we even get our car out of the garage and park on our drive and listen, within minutes on Saturdays, we have heard an ATV start up at Brett Schneider's property, drive down Alpine Drive to Nursery Lane, the share road, and  park in the Repash parking region and appear to wait for us to leave. If we don't leave right away, they appear to rubberneck to see what the delay is . And at times, we have heard what sounds like Jesse shout,, "here he comes". Anyway we were leaving on 4/26/14 to do errands, this is what we saw. There have been times when there have been smart phones pointed at us as if recording or photographing us as we pass ? They have done a mocking salute/toast to us holding bottles of beer at 11:00 AM. I should mention here that I received an e-mail from someone who I believe is an associate of Jesse Repash which states that the reason for Jesse Repash wearing a holster with a gun is "to protect himself from the trespassers" . I believe  those trespassers he is referring to Scott and I


                                       4/26/14 Jesse has been on a jag since the police were here this week as a result of an e-mail to them about us finding more stones on our porch and deck and hearing them hit our house while outside and inside. There is a post here concerning what we believe are the sling shot rocks found at our house recently. Patrolman John Bowlby made the absurd suggestion that we should try to stagger our schedule as to avoid getting caught in Jesse Repashes crosshairs as he waits/stalks for us to leave and return. This week, as I was leaving one evening, Jesse charged the car as I was passing/leaving to get Scott. He then appeared to be standing on Nursery Lane, as I looked in the rear mirror, after I passed. The act was meant to create concern and as we returned, Jesse was standing staring at us as we drove by his house.   Patrolman Bowlby also responded to my informing him that recently I was walking up Nursery Lane to get our US-mail and as I turned around to come back home, I didn't realize I was being followed by Debbie Repash who was holding a smart camera of sorts toward me as I passed going home. Bowlby then said,  she could have been doing such to protect herself.
And I responded from what? We believe Jesse Repash is an obsessive stalker.


Then later in the day on April 26, 2014 , Scott took the regularly schedule walk with our dog as I prepared dinner.  Minutes after he began the walk , we both heard the engines of ATVs go by our house to a region near our shared property line where the gun fire occurs. And to no surprise, within minutes, high caliber gun fire began as Scott was  walking our dog near the shared property line. It went on for hours. We recently have moved our grill to the side of the house to stay out of what we call the "hoodoo" range. The Repashes make these night time fires and sit for hours and it appears that they are staring at  our house. There have been times when a flood light has been shone in my eyes as I cook on the grill, into our bedroom and we have heard our names shouted and the words "we can see you" on tape. Anyway, last night we kept our grill on the porch because the position of the shooter/shooters was such that we would have been in clear view while being on our deck trying to have a relaxing evening. Brett even had driven up to the Repash house at some point maybe possible investigating why we were not on our deck. He drove up and turned around immediately and drove back-scouting?. He keeps a cart attached to his ATV which we believe to meant to create the illusion that he is using his ATV for work and not recreation. The cart makes a lot of noise. There are ordinances in the township about ATV use that we believe they don't apply to Brett Schneider or Jesse Repash. The gunfire went on for hours, ending around 7:30 PM   Then after the event there always is this  ritual parade by our house that we believe is an "in- your- face" gesture to let us know our place and who is in control. Recently, while investigating the gun fire from our deck , we heard Jesse shout, "I will show you!" in what sound like a defiant tone.  However, in the most recent parades, it appears that Jesse Repash has non neighbors using his range. We know the program. If we called the police to report the gunfire they try to make us look foolish for having concerns etc. We believe the gunfire is specifically designed and scheduled to harass us and send a message. The Repash's in their years of stalking, know our schedule.  But we are not aware that Jesse Repash's has opened his range to his cronies. But last night as we observed the ritual parade passage, we noticed a women carrying a rifle over her shoulder and another women actually walking who appear to be trying to avoid our line of sight  (she was older) and Jesse on his ATV-all meant to get our attention. All we need to do is look out our living room window. We assume it was ladies night as the shooting range. We have no idea who the women are. But then again, they may not have been women. The enthusiastic gun fire may have been fueled by the targets being a pair of illustrated men mounted side by side-coincidence? We can see the targets  from our deck which we believe it is intended to get our attention. Practicing to kill? The simultaneous rapid gun fire is a nice added touch. We don't believe that Jesse Repash's gun fire has anything to do with markmanship. We believe he does it  and it is timed to harass us.

Anyway there was a hoodoo fire last night which we believe was reckless. Considering that there have been several brushfires and warnings of open fires this week in the county because of low humidity and dry conditions, we believe it was risky and dangerous to have open burning. Especially when we have gotten the impression and believe that the fire is being manned by  inebriated persons.

And how was your day?

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