Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stoned? Chapter 83

                       3/9/14 rock hit tree, then pond                                                                   

The above is a video from 3/9/14. There were some events that have lead us to believe that even when we go to our pond to see if any Koi survived the stomach of the Heron or Mink, we should be guarded. Jesse had been checking us out as we sat at the pond . This above event even has the sound  of a rock hitting a tree. What we are referring to. It is long but gives context. A half hour later, near 5:30PM on 3/9/14, Jesse Repash put on quite a show for us.

This has been happening for sometime and with the advent of the warm weather, our obsessed stalkers are not getting the attention they grave. We have heard what sounds like stones hitting our house for years. We find unusual stones on our drive and porch and deck. Sometime ago, we found a very large steel ball bearing on our porch and we did call and report it to the Lower Saucon Township Police. On saturday April 12 , 2014, we were sitting on our deck at 6:30ish and we heard what sounded like a rock hit the rear of our deck as we were sitting outside. Then within  several seconds we heard something bang at the front of the house. We came around the front to investigate the noise and we saw Jesse Repash walking on the shared drive.
  The date is April 12, 2014, not April 25 as stated on video.

                                   July 14, 2013                               

Often at night, when we hear something hit the house we don't go out to investigate. There was a time that we did and we  we heard  male laughter coming from near the shared property line with the Repash property. We believe that the Police have made a joke of our circumstances.

                             Rocks on Drive
On 4/17/14 we were sitting on the deck after lunch. We heard that familiar sound of what sounds like a rock hitting something. The police were here this morning about the 4 dogs. This was a time line. We then walked out our drive and heard a male laughing from the direction of the Schneider property that borders our land.

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