Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Thursday, November 13, 2014

For the record, Chapter 87

                        Alpine Drive and Nursery Lane

 It was an overcast day, Dec. 18, 2013. I walked up Nursery Lane to get our mail. Our mailbox is about 500 feet from our home and it is located where Nursery Lane and Alpine Drive intersect- we can't see the mailbox from our home. I brought a shovel with me to tidy up Nursery Lane- it had snowed recently. The photo heading this post was taken at another time in Spring.  I also included in this post the video of the Deer that showed up at our kitchen door the same day. The deer was there before I walked up to get the mail. As I reached the top of Nursery Lane, I checked our mailbox to discover that the mail had not arrived. As I was turning around to walk home, I noticed a Silver Cadillac driving slowing up Alpine towards me. I got a vibe but turned and was walking home when I heard a male voice shout out to get my attention.

                           Deer at our Kitchen door

The man was a little older than me, smartly dressed and well mannered. At first, I suspected he was a Realtor. He introduced himself as US Government Contract Investigator.  He had questions about Gregory Marino, a neighbor, who we believe maybe employed in Federal Law Enforcement of some kind. We are not friends but we have always waved as we passed . I was a bit taken aback by the investigator. He said that he was told to talk to Jesse Repash for  his investigation because Merino's contract required clearance and every few years an investigation is done to update his file by doing a background check. I told him I wasn't Jesse Repash . I introduced myself. He gave me 3 calling cards for some reason. His first name was Jeremiah. He said he was interest in information like does he beat his wife and that sort of thing. I gave him my opinion. I told him that  I believe Gregory Marino knows  about the bullet holes in our property and who is responsible for the bullet holes in our property and why they are there property. I told him that I believe he knows about the stalking/harassment that has gone on for years. I told him that on a few occasions we witness he and Jesse Repash mockingling laugh at us as we passed and on occasion, we witness him posture on his ATV at the property line  with the Repash's which we believe was an "in your face" gesture meant to let us know where we stood in the hood.  I told him more of what we have observed.  I suspect that Debbie Repash had contacted Brett Schneider that day because she saw me talking to a man at the top of the Lane. He had parked his car across the entrance, which was blocking the Lane. As I was standing talking to Jeremiah, Brett Schneider drove slowly by on Alpine Drive rubber necking to as he passed. I came home. Blah, Blah, Blah.

We have suspected something is Cooking?-Dec.14,2014

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