Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cable found in Snow-chapter 88

We are coming into a new winter season of 2014 /2015. Last year there were a lot of events where we spent time removing piles of snow that we believe were intentionally put on the  shared portion Nursery Lane near the shared property line, meant to be harassing. We purchased a  new snow thrower a few years ago to remove the snow. We would say and have documented that we do the majority of snow removal on Nursery Lane.

                                     Steel Cable

But what we found very disturbing was there are times that we have found large stones in the snow on the macadam that we believe were intentionally put there. They could seriously damage our Snow Thrower.  Last year we found something that  we believe was malicious. We discovered 2 pieces of steel braided cable buried in the snow in front of the Repash's house as I was removing the snow. We believe they were put there to damage the auger of the snow thrower. We suspect there was an audience as I was removing the snow and discovered them. The auger just missed them.
I am posting this now because we suspect that since we are entering a new snow season and Jesse has been shouting at us  and I as we ingress and egress with such charming greetings a "Fuck Wad" "saddle up Sally" and "Shit Bag" which actually sounds like "shit fag" when you hear the recording.  So we suspect  that attempts at vandalizing our equipment could be in the stars.

We have since been told by a neighbor that Jesse Repash( who told me that he knew Brett Schneider stole our Barn Wood) and Brett Schneider ( our neighbor who boasted to us that he and his son Michael stole our Barn Wood) were bragging about putting the steel cable in the snow to damage our snow thrower.

This past summer we found a foot long orange 1/2 inch section of rebar on our lawn. We suspect it was put there to damage our cutting blade as we cut our grass. It could have been dangerous if we ran over it and it could have become a projectile.  We wonder how it got there ?

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