Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Go, going, Gone Boy- Chapter 91

                                          June 9, 2014

Any reasonable person would find what we are experiencing to be harassing, disturbing, menacing and taunting. We believe that the Repashes are taunting/baiting and stalking us into confrontation. We believe the Lower Saucon Township Police have been bias in how they enforce the law. This is a record of the 3rd harassing/stalking crime in under a 30 day period- June 8, 2014. The obsessive stalkers out did themselves. But we believe the Lower Saucon Township  Police have aided these crimes by their indifference. It is obvious that this is the 3rd crime committed that they are not even chastising the Repashes. Since the Repashes believe they have "magickal "powers  we suspect that these icons are suppose to be curses or spells of some kind. This crime has a real Manson Family styling. 


                            Walking tour of Graffiti

Report of June 8, 2014

When the officers arrived, it was clear that they were more interested in playing a shell game and not resolve. Bredbenner and Connell could barely control the smirks on their faces. We believe they started to blow smoke and play a shell game about our concerns. I politely asked them to leave and do their job. Bredbenners smirk turned into a stunned look. I actually got the impression that Connell was outraged and he looked enraged by my request. We went off the script. We were stunned by how furious he appeared and were somewhat alarmed by his response. We get the impression that the Lower Saucon Township Police indifference toward our concerns, ( we still have real bullet holes in our property that have never been investigated) is part of their agenda. What we believe is that the Police want us to flip so that can charge us with something. I then when into the house. I then noticed they went to their patrol cars and were laughing which I believe the body language on our security camera captures. I then exited our home and was recording up the drive to see if they actually did any documentation of the crime.No documentation was presented in their report so we suspect they were just blowing smoke-miming documentation.
What we and others find disturbing is that it states in the report  that they actually believe that a "Star of David" and a Pentagram are the same thing. It was reiterated recently by a rep of an Elected official ,that they wouldn't  even find someone drawing a Star of David alarming, apparently not. We stopped counting the icons at 100. We suspect there are close to 130 of them. We specifically asked the police for the names of those who participated in this harassment and the meaning of the voodoo like icons which you can see was omitted from their report or investigation.

                           record of police leaving

                            record of police leaving

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