Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gone Boy-Chapter 89



     Leaving on May 11, 2014

It was Mother's Day, May 11, 2014. I had planned to go into NYC that day to visit an Art Fair. We rarely leave our property on a Sunday, this was an exception so it would be easy to plan around our activities on sundays. The Repashes know our schedule. Scott took me to Bus park and ride in the morning in Hellertown. I did the fair and  walked around NYC a bit. I miss the people in the city. I said hello to Laverne Cox as I passed her on the side walk on lower Park Avenue.

                                                        Returning on May11, 2014
 I got an earlier than expected bus out. I did the Fair, talked to people, then got the bus. I called Scott from the bus close to my arrival so he would be waiting. I got off the bus and into the car and Scott said you won't believe what is going on Nursery Lane, the shared Drive. He briefly described it . He was stunned by the audacity of what I was going to see. The first video is of Scott leaving. Note the culprits trying to be hidden. They were interrupted and left what appears to be a box of colored chalk on the drive. Jesse Repash is on the left with the Red head and there is a man walking a toddler on the right. Note the toddler poking his head out of the parked car window. What should be noted is that they continued to scrawl with chalk on the drive after he passed and left the vicinity. When we returned there were more taunts and icons. Note on the return with both of us in the car, that there are more chalk taunts . Jesse was shouting something and Debbie Repash had her phone out appearing to record us returning.It is heart warmer to se that people would bring their toddlers to the commission of a crime. We suspect that RED and her pet did all the scrawling taunts< directed by the Repashes, because we believe the Repashes are too out of shape and too fat to get down to scrawl on the macadam. We counted 25 taunts in all. They are meant to berate us, to taunt ,to spook, an in your face gesture- harassment. We believe that the Lower Saucon Township Police have given the Repashes their blessing to harass and stalk us. We bleive they have been complicit by their indifference. This indifference has emboldened the Repashes to do 2 more displays of their obsession.

                            Report from May 11. 2014

We called the Police, they think it is funny. Included is an excerpt from the police report. We are not making this up. It states the the Repash's family and friends and kids were just having a good time and the taunts were not meant for anyone.

                         Walking tour of graffiti taunts
These are  some photos of what was drawn, 25 in all.
Are these suppose to be outlines of bodies of the dead at crime scenes? These 2 drawings were preceded by the message of "gun fire ahead" If you see a close up they drew tears and they are crying..

Sally is slang for a Gay Man. Leonard Repash, Jesse Repash's father use to call us Sally often as we passed
                                                              We are the 2 seniors
We have heard this phrase as the Repashes sit by their Hoodoo fires for hours and stare at our house.

Can anyone interrpet this? We sense it is depicting anal intercourse of something like that?

Some Witch Craft phrase? We sense it is say "we love you!"

What it is!

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