Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead Animals


As I mentioned before, I never dreamt that I would every have been in these circumstance. The more I looked for support the more isolated I felt. People would ridicule our circumstances. Being a victim of stalking is  a challenge. Especially when the system has turned it's head. Posturing to display that you are not the weakest in the herd is time consuming. Finding things moved or new things like AA batteries on your lawn is creepy at best. Being the object of an obsessive person isn't fun, I am not a big fan of drama.

What we have discovered over the years, which is spooky to me are dead animals that seemed to be place to get our attention. Many were discovered on our "Path" around our property. When this topic come up people have given me the impression that I was not familiar with the ways of the Country. I was some city slicker lost in Paradise. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and playing in the Mountains was my fun. So I do know what is Natural. In Nature, Animals kill to eat, they don't kill for fun. So finding dead rabbits intact in a position like they were hanging, or headless snakes or doves, dead intact squirrels. One time I found a slice of white bread in the middle of our field. We did suspect that someone may be putting poison out which is why we have always been diligent with observing our dogs interest on our walks. Getting use to not feeling safe is not natural.
The photo here is that of a Dead Fox. It looks like a Grey Fox but may be a Red Fox. When it was found on our path it was intact. There were not obvious wound, it looked healthy. I didn't move it or touch it because it may have had rabies, but it looked very healthy. I photographed it where it was lying. Then the next day it was gone. We have often felt that we were watched while we were on the walk. I can only speculate.  It could have been place there to get my attention. However over the years we have discovered the skeleton remains of Deer and have a collection of 15 skulls, buck and doe. We never suspected anything in their discovery. Do do wish that those who hunt on neighboring properties and those who have illegally trespassed on out land would learn to shoot to kill  so the animals don't have a torturous passing.
We do take extra caution in walking the Path during hunting season. At this time, we believe that we could be willfully killed on our land and it made to look accidental. We also believe that Law enforcement would conspire to cover it up. We wear Flash Orange while taking the Dog for a walk.

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