Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speed Bumps?

            Lower Saucon Township Truck on Nursery Lane

We received a certified letter dated Sept. 2, 2011, from our shared road neighbor Jesse Repash. It was also cc'd to Richard Schaedler, Esquire and Guy Lesser, Chief of Police, Lower Saucon Township. The letter stated that the shared road would be closed for sealcoating on Sept 9, 2011. There was no question as to whether it was a good time for us or if it would inconvenience us. It was simply stated that it was going to be sealcoated that day. We complied. We moved the Van and parked it off Alpine Drive. Nothing was done on the 9th. On the morning of Sept. 10, we saw a Lower Saucon Township large dump truck parked on the drive and I iphoned it. That is the opening video of this post.  After I iphoned the truck on Nursery Lane, Scott left the property in the Element to go to town to mail some bills- which I iphoned him leaving. Right before he left, the Township Truck drove up Nursery Lane and turned  right onto Alpine Drive with Scott following it from a distance.  However, when the truck turned left from Alpine Drive onto Apple Street he could see the truck from the side.  It was a Lower Saucon Township  truck. We heard and saw lots of commotion and saw the  through the trees the very large orange township truck throughout the morning. We have always been cautious of being in a compromising situation with Jesse Repash and his cronies, so we viewed the activity from near our sidewalk and not at the property line.

 At 12:05 PM on Sept. 10, the Verizon repair man showed up. We had spoken to Verizon a week ago and in previous weeks because we had problems with our phone land line. He wanted to come down the drive but could not. He told us it was blocked at the top and that speed bumps were being put in. He said we needed new phone lines. He said he went to the Repashes and knocked on the door and no one responded. He said the door was wide open with only the storm door being closed. He said that he was going to stop by and tell them that 2 bucket trucks would be by soon to replace the line. This phone problem had been going on for months. After the Verizon repair man had informed us of what was being done (we couldn't see the bumps from our vantage point), we honestly didn't believe him because we were informed by certified mail that the drive was going to be sealcoated that day. We went about our chores. We heard pounding, shovels scraping macadam...all of which we could not associate with the act of driveway sealing. We took videos throughout the day documenting that the driveway hadn't been sealed yet at our shared property line, but we saw activity above the Repashs parking area and heard men's voices and saw the orange of the large Lower Saucon Township truck and the noise.

                                Progress  report????

 It wasn't until Sunday morning Sept. 11, 2011, that we discovered that no sealing was actually done. We could see that the Repash's 3 cars (their daughter was home) were parked in their regular parking places. We suspected it was safe for us to walk up the drive to Alpine to get the Van. We walked up the drive, iphone and flip in hand, to get the Van and bring it home. It appeared that the Repashs were waiting for us to come up the drive. Someone was backing the Volvo out onto the drive which appeared to be more of an act of provocation rather than need. Debbie Repash was posturing on their drive with a phone to her ear as we returned, Jesse was slithering in the background with his head down and we suspect that maybe their daughter was video taping our passage. We were astounded to see that the Verizon repairman's observation was correct. There were 3 very large macadam speed bumps. They pass over 2, we pass over 3. Their certified mail never mentioned speed bumps. We said nothing. We could put Gandhi to shame with our Passive Resistance. He installed them without our permission. We believe that Leonard Repash, Jesse Repash's father, never told him about the Lawsuit that he initiated in 1986 where we were sued by his Father and his dead mother. We paid for the macadam on the Repash's property. We own half of the macadam on the Repash's property so he can't do what he did to our property. 

                       Maiden Voyage of Speed bumps

 Any suggestions????

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