Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guardian Angel ?

Guardian Angel

It was late September , 2001. I was returning from making a drop off for Scott at Fedex. Lenny has floods that he would turn on and using a phrase from my parents, his house  " was lit up like a Hotel". I remember Judge Kimberly McFadden  admonishing us to keep our eyes on the road.  We do, but Lenny's house is only 8 feet from the shared road and I do have peripheral Vision. As I drove past Lenny's house, it was twilight, it was noticeable that no lights were on, which was unusual. However, in the twilight, I believe I saw someone lying on Lenny's porch. I drove past, came down to the house and parked the car. I came into the house and told Scott what I believe I just saw. We both walked up the drive to take a second look. Remember is was getting dark and hard to see. When we both went up. Lenny was indeed lying on his  brick porch. I came back to the house and called 911.
The operator, doing her job was asking all sorts of questions like "what were the extend of his injuries", what was wrong etc. I told her that under the circumstances I had no idea. Scott had stayed up there on the shared road as I made the call. I told the 911 operator, that this could be a Crime Scene and under the circumstances of Lenny's hostility, I wasn't going to investigate because if it was a crime, I could be implicated. It was sad seeing my Nemesis lying helpless, like the vulnerable being that he was. That all the vibrato and chest pounding was  second to his survival. He knew that both of us were there. He asked Scott to turn on his Floods which Scott did. I will admit that I purposely kept a low profile . I sensed that Lenny's heart would have exploded if he knew I was there. He was conscious but we didn't try to help him up. What was strange was that the EMS folks took so long to arrive. A Lower Saucon Township Patrolman had arrive soon after I made the call but he waited up on Alpine Drive, never came down, until the EMS arrived. It appeared to be about 20 minutes that the partomal wait up the drive. The EMS people finally arrived and we went home.

We talked about how easy it would have been to turn our heads. We are still astonished by how our families and what we thought were friend turned their heads in our struggle for Peace. I could have done so. I had every reason in the world to turn my head. I always knew I was the better person despite Lenny's mission to demonize us and specifically me. I was told that I save his Life by calling 911.

Ps. the Angel is a gift that we  have kept on our bedroom door for 28 years. I am a recovered Roman Catholic and seriously have all the iconnogphy branded in my psyche. I like religious objects and the trimmings of Belief.

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