Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Chair 1992

We have gotten the impression that we live a peculiar life to the local folks. By our standards, we have a very normal life with tinges of excitement. We have had challenging careers and both relish our solitude. I don't drop in uninvited on anyone and I don't like when it is done to us. We have noting in common with our neighbors and they would say the same about us. We keep to ourselves, we aren't noisy, we have a "live and let live attitude", we mow our lawn and respect property lines, which we discovered is rare in the hood. We have suspected that some believe we are queer in their reality.
We don't go out often, we never intended to join social clubs in the region, I have taken Healing class, Yoga etc by came up empty with finding a common Spirit. I am picky when it comes to people, I don't let many in.  I have picked up too many wounded birds in my life only to be attacked as a show of gratefulness. We have found that we have little in common with the locals so we keep people at arms length. We were very kind to Lenny only to be kicked in the teeth. In this region, people only get Therapy when a Court orders it. Many don't function well outside of their DNA/Gene Pool. We don't readily accept invitations to Dinners because we believe we need to recropricate. Often with our schedules, arranging a rendivous is impossible. There was a period of 9 years that Scott was in NYC all week and I was alone here by myself, but I wasn't lonley. Honestly, I was too busy to be lonely. Thus the "Guest Chair".
The work is a symbolic piece with a DADA humor imply that this is where a guest is welcome to sit. I really have found that  making Lemonade from Lemons or turning Poison into Medicine is the only way to Heal. However finding people who we have anything in common with in this region or share the same level of Consciousness has been fruitless. We discovered that our heads will stop hurting when we stop banging them against the wall.

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