Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Defiant Trespass

Path leading from our land to Brett's that he created
We have share  a property line with Brett Schneider for about 25 years. We aren't friends and never will be. When we leave our home we always take a right turn on Alpine. The only time we take a left is when we go to Vote in small stone School House. Anyway, we rarely pass his house. We believe his motive to join team Repash is as retaliation for us requesting to see the building permits for his driveway and two story Brick Garage. So far the Lower Saucon Township Zoning hasn't presented us with what we believe are valid building permits for his garage and drive. You can find more if you read other pages on this Blog.  We don't trust Brett.

Path and me holding signs. Most of them were run over in a week. We have evidence 

Kid on ATV

In 2006 , I discovered ATV tire tracks on our lawn. I followed them and I discovered that there was an ATV trail, about 200 to 300 feet in length. I followed the path on our land and it ended up exiting into Brett Schneider's back yard. However there appeared to have been 3 other accesses to the trail by different neighbors. The trail was groomed, mowed regularly and even appeared to have been graded. We were shocked at the balls it took for someone to take the liberties to defiantly trespass. We use to hear the ATVs but never imagined that they were actually going through our property. A few days after the discovery, I photographed a kid on an ATV on our land and I stopped him after he appeared to try to run into me. I had no idea who he was, but when I asked him why he was using the path he said that Brett Schneider told him that he could use it-interesting.

It was the following Sunday, this was 2006 prior to the internet ,and we photographed the path and put up No Trespassing signs. As we were installing them on a Sunday Morning, Brett Schneider comes out of his home and comes to meet us on own land. He was holding a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I believe he is a psychopath. He commences to try to chastise us for putting up the sign blocking the path on OUR land. He bitched that he was using it for 4 years without us complaining- what, like we had a problem. He then begins to tell us that Cindy, his 2nd wife, "left me for a Mexican" which we thought was kind of strange. Then he boasted that the charges that Cindy filed were not advanced by the magistrate.We never knew of that. He told us that she claimed that he pointed a 9MM gun at her-ok. The conversation was very tense with him.  Was he making veiled warnings or a threat? He brought up how chummy he was with Rod Raish, the supervisor of Lower Saucon Road Maintenance-something like that. But we can't figure out even now how the contribution he made to the conversation that he put Barn Wood on the walls of his son' living room in Hellertown. In connecting the dots now, we believe he was telling us that he stole our Barn Wood. All of our Barn Wood had disappeared. We believe it is on his son's living room wall in Hellertown. But what adds to the creepiness, a few days later he stood at our shared property line with  what we believe to be that 9 mm he mentioned and we stopped counting gun shots after 150. We believe that was a message. 

The path was 100s of feet long. It went across then down the property line. This takes balls!

So included in this post is an aerial view from google earth of the path. The path is on the upper right side in the photo. It crosses then parallels another neighbors property line.

 Brett reminds  me of and even resembles the Cousin Eddie ( Randy Quaid) character in the film National Lampoons Vacation  staring Chevy Chase. What is weird is that the home boys have ATV's. Brett has one but only 1 acre of land.

A few weeks after we put the signs up they were knocked down.

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