Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mediation request and reply

Excerpt from reply letter from the repash's Lawyer

  Tension was building. So we felt that contacting a Mediator and sit down with Jesse Repash and discuss the escalating tension would ease things.  There were several attempts on Jesse Repash's part to get chummy before. We had a guard up and didn't want Act 2 of dealing with the Repash Angst. What I found disturbing is that one time he came down the drive on his ATV. Came to the kitchen door. I would not let him in the house. I believe it was the time he claimed that Debbie Repash saw a Bear  on the drive in front of our house. Scott's father had just died and I told Jesse that fact. His response was " I know". He offered no verbal condolences whatsoever. Scott never got a card. That tells me something.

After junk was moved

We offered to PAY for the whole  Mediation experience so there would be no excuse. Jesse had started a compost pile ON our land near the shared property line. There were these buckets and stuff being put on the drive along with a dirt pile that were meant to create tension and other things. When we would walk up the get the mail, Debbie Reash would come out on the porch. What was creepy is that we would say hello and she would never respond , just stare. The UPS driver and the oil delivery men asked why these buckets were there. They seemed to us and others that the buckets had no purpose but to created problems. We didn't need any tension. Scott was treated for Prostrate Cancer the year before and we just wanted to ease as much tension as possible from our lives. These events created by the Repashs, we believe were simply meant to be harassing. We contacted Leonard Repash, Jesse's father twice to sit down with a mediator and he refuse both times to participate.

When we received the response letter from the Lawyer Jesse and Debbie Repash's consulted, Richard Schaedler dated August 25 2010. We were a bit surprised by  what we believe to be the threatening / hostile tone of the letter. We believe the letter the Lawyer wrote was very bazaar. There was , what we believe escalating harassment and we wanted to nip it at the bud. He never cleaned up the tree and large compost pile he started near the share property line, next to the road. A compost pile that included bio degradable matter, including an  old Christmas Tree etc.  As I have said, we believe he intently created it to create tension. However after we sent the letter, with no mention of the compost pile and stuff on the road, both were cleaned up after we sent the letter. So to us it clarified that their motive for their actions was to harass.

So let the Games begin!

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