Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wiggle Room?

Lower Saucon Township Officer visit on 3/26/11

 My diary entry which explains this photo. What is odd is the the camera that the patrolman was investigating took his photo as he approached our porch. He seems to have previous knowledge of the placement of the camera since it appears he is looking right at it. It was placed in a very unusual spot so it could not  been seen

I was in the kitchen and I noticed a Lower Saucon  Township Patrolman walking down the drive towards our side walk. I went out to greet him. He was vague in his introduction. He mentioned that the property owner at 2507 Alpine Drive had reported that a Wild Life camera was missing from his property. We have one and have had one for some time. Patrolman Kyle Haggerty had a small note pad with our names, Jerry Kott and Scott Bolestridge and  no other names and a scribbled "$300.00.
He had no brand,no serial number, no proof of purchase, no invoice just the word of the 2507 Property owner and the numerals of the cost. We were suspicious. He examined our Wildlife Camera, took down the serial number and examined the memory card. Scott showed him evidence that it was ours. He said "if you stole the camera, you would not have the manual and other things like a disk, that would have been in Schnieder's house". I believe there should demand proof that victim actually own a  Wildlife camera. What we found peculiar is that he was referring to the address of 2507 Alpine Drive and not Brett Schnieder's name. Something is missing and we are suspects? I told him that we believe that Jesse and others sneak around our property. We have evidence that someone has been around. We are always cleaning "Nose Prints" off the glass on our Kitchen door. But what is spooky is that they are on the inside door, not the storm door. We believe that Brett was looking for wiggle room, some leverage of sorts but if you claim that something is stolen, don't you have to prove possession? He asked if we saw anyone walking around up there and we said no. I did tell him that we posted our land with "No Trespassing" signs before buck season. We did mention that we see Jesse lumbering around on his property near our shared property line near Alpine Drive. The Patrolman did  mentioned that the camera was recently discovered missing but was placed there in late November 2010.  What is peculiar about the story is that the purpose of a wildlife camera is to record "movement". If it was placed there in November and not discovered missing until late March is in my opinion a lie. The location of placement was about 100 feet from Brett's house.

 We want to know what other neighbors the Patrolman visited to inquire if they stole or saw someone steal something. It was like a neighbor reported that a car was stolen. And they showed up to ask if we stole a car, analogy is that he had no make or model, style, color, styler etc. Because we own a car we are suspects. However the thief did get reported in the Hellertown Patch. I also asked the patrolman if he need proof of purchase of any other items on our porch. We believe the Police knew this was a ruse and were in on it.

That day we suspected that we were being watched. Jesse was out back with a chain saw near our shared property line. Something seemed timed about the police arriving.  I did tell the Patrolman that I believe Jesse is sneaky and he won't go to mediation like a real man.

We believe that Brett and Jesse were looking for wiggle room so Brett has leverage because he illegally put his drive on our land.

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