Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Kobe is our dog. He is  sweet and a very good watch dog. He has alerted us to many of the staking events. He has alerted us to gun fire while we are inside the house. He is majestic, warm and spirited. He has had some challenges. He is adopted. We fostered him for one year because there were some criminal offense against his previous owners. Apparently they move and left him behind. He was a little on the wild side at first, had no dog training and appeared to have never been on a leash. With love and affection, we have begun a happen family.

This a sweet sKobe in Aqua Treadmilltory. We went to the ASPCA which is now called the The Animal Health and Welfare Center in Northampton County. We just said good bye to Koge, Kobe's predecessor. She was also an Aussi who we had from a puppy. Before Koge passed , we asked her to bring us a dog. It was a Sunday and Koge had passed the previous Wednesday. We felt that seeing dogs would help in the healing and dealing with the loss. We didn't want at puppy but were open to any dog that sang to us. We looked at the dogs and nothing sang to us.  We were ready to leave and were chatting with the staff about our recent loss, one of the volunteers walked in the door with Kobe whose name was Buddy. We thought at first that he seemed that he was at home. He was very relaxed around the staff and well mannered.  This was like divine intervention. We asked , is he available and they said not for adopting but he could be fostered at this time. We filled out an application. We took him for a walk and we fell in love. They told us that he was brought in by a concerned neighbor on the Wednesday of that week.  They never had an Aussi in the shelter. We waited a few days and realized how risky it was to look for a new dog when the loss is so fresh. Any way we were approved for fostering that week and picked him up. He hopped in the car like he was familiar with the event. I could see him in the mirror as I drove. He seems to have a smile on his face. I told him we were going home. We fostered him for 1 year then we could officially adopt him.

He has had some challenges. He had Lymes's Disease when adopted, worms and another parasite caused by ticks. However what was really sad is that we were playing in the yard with a ball, noting aggressive, and he went down in 2008. He had what was called an FCI , a spinal cord stroke. Fortunately his was mild and though love and other methods he has healed, Many dogs don't make it. He did aqua treadmill to get him use to walking. His rear left leg would drag. Anyway he had done well. He has this odd skip to his walk, other wise he is fine. What a blessing.

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