Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, September 5, 2011


Leaves on Pond
I haven't posted for a while. This is not one of my favorite activities but I believe is has to be done. There are some things that are out of sequence. The next Photo and blog is within the last few months. Recently things have heated up since Lenny's son Jesse appears to us to be on a mission to force us to give up the shared road. We believe his stalking appears to be more prevalent and disturbing. We get the impression that he is obsessed. However there are many topic not yet blogged from Family stuff, Brett and his Guns and harassment, more dead animals, Rooney/Varricchio, recent exploits with the Lower Saucon Zoning, John Stoffa -County Executive, Bernie O'Hare, lymes disease etc. etc etc.

Those topics will all be covered in time. The bulk of the blog has only documented up till the mid 90's.

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