Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, August 8, 2011

Strong Fences make good neighbors!

Thank you note from the Repashs
When we received the letter from the Lawyer Jesse and Debbie Repash's consulted, Richard Schaedler, we were a bit surprised by  what we believe to be the threatening/hostile tone of the letter. We believe the letter the Lawyer wrote was very bizarre. We had contacted a Mediator and invited the Repashs to sit down and discuss things and we got a response from a lawyer dissing our request. There was, what we believed to be escalating harassment and we wanted to nip it at the bud. Scott was in remission after his treatment for Prostate Cancer . Jesse Repash was fully aware that Scott was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer because I TOLD him when he stopped me on the drive to inform me that he was going to clean up a tree that had fallen etc.

However, in the letter, we believed again, we were demonized by his Lawyer who we believe was very misinformed. We believe that Jesse and Debbie Repash never told their lawyer that  I called 911 on behalf of his father when I saw him lying on the porch. Jesse's father, Leonard could not have asked for better neighbors. But his father, we believe with documentation, wanted to share more than the road. They never told him that we made a generous donation to the American Cancer Society on behave of Mary Repash, Jesse's mother. I am sure he never told him that they received a condolence card from those big bad queers which is acknowledged by the hand signed thank you  exhibited here from the Repash Family. We are sure  the Repashes didn't tell their lawyer that we assume our responsibility for cleaning the snow off the shared drive in the Winter. In fact Jesse thanked us for cleaning it, especially when is father was in the Nursing home. The Repashes have no idea of the Thank You note hand written by his father to us before he died .There is much that Jesse Repash doesn't know. 

Strong Fences make good Neighbors!

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