Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, September 19, 2011

Drive markings?


                                                            Numbers and symbols ?

It was in early Sept. 2011 that we discovered this painted numbers and symbols on the shared drive, Nursery Lane. We were in the process of photographing them for the record and Jesse Repash darts out of the house as documented in the opening photo. He shouts "take my picture". We keep records as well as we can. He then approaches us and commands that we put down the camera. We obliged but had out finger ready to go. We believe he is very unstable based on our continued experience with him. We asked him what the numbers were for and he wouldn't say. We asked what the white line is about and he would not answer. We asked him what the material was and he would not answer. He wanted to know why we asked. Then he starts rambling on about not speaking ill of the dead and he and Mike Carp putting in the "Drain System". The system is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD!


 His father put it in to divert ground water from his basement and SUED us to pay half of it.  He wanted us to pay Jesse Repash. The insane father claimed that it had something to do with the road. There is absolutely no way and no law of Nature that proves the fathers point. Again it was an ABSOLUTE LIE  and the lawyers we hired would not listen to us. We suspect that was because were were Gay and not ashamed of it. From our knowledge, the Repash family has it's share of secrets.

We know the game!

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