Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 1, 2011, the night we believe the bullet hole was put in our security light shade

                                  Oct. 1, 2012

The post here consist of a diary log:

On saturday Oct.1st 2011 , late afternoon, we noticed our neighbor, Jesse Repash had a vehicle parked on the  shared drive, thus blocking it and our access. We noticed it around 5:00PM. It could have been  there for some time. We would periodically check to see if it was moved. We got the impression it was intentional .  We had been considering going out to dinner for Scott's 62nd Birthday. We both had a gut instinct that something was brewing all day. We decided to stay home. However we kept checking and the drive and it was still blocked. At first we thought it was temporary. It was blocked until Scott tried to leave at 7:20 PM.

                    Scott leaving, Jesse parked on drive

Since we decided to stay home, I noticed activity outside our living room window that faces the neighboring property around 5:30 PM. I was in the kitchen and you could see movement. Jesse was pouring accelerant on his debris pile. The pile seems to be as close to the shared property line that we believe is within the legal limit for burning. I was in our the living room and saw him pouring an extraordinary amount of fluid on the pile. I saw another person over there which later we discovered was his new best friend Brett Schneider, the other neighbor who has us in his cross hairs. I called Scott  by phone at 5:37 PM to warn him the Jesse Repash and Brett  Schnieder were hanging out at the property line at the debris pile and pouring accelerant. It appears that it wasn't coincidence that the fire was designed to be lit around the time Scott finished his walk at the pond. We sense that they take notice when we leave the house to take the walk since we wear Flash Orange vest, hats, and in the cold months, a large coat. We believe our Spring fed pond, may have been there for thousands of years, is a Sacred Meditation Spot. We believe our land is Sacred and treated with the reverence that it deserves. Our neighbor's knows that we hang out there after the walk and other times. So the timing of the fire was no accident or coincidence.  It was timed to get noticed and maximum impact. Scott went to the pond, bracing himself for action or an explosion that may be starting. My call was a waring to him. I was in the house and saw Scott and our dog at the pond and have a video of it.  Jesse started, the what we now call a "show fire". The flames were enormous, tryical of a fire started by accelerant, very explosive.  He has been doing it often, always so we can see the flames. Bret and Jesse both kept looking over here while the fire burned. We both got and have gotten  the impression that some sort of message is being sent to us.  There posturing seemed to be saying 
" Are you getting the message".  We also thought  we saw them  both holding bottles of beer. The fire went on and became very smokey. What was interesting is that we believe that the smoke was intended to come our way. It is normal for the wind to come our way since that is the natural direction of the wind. They were getting all the smoke. The smoke can be dangerous depending on what is being burned. It is possible that poison ivy may be being burned. We did see some plastic on the pre-burn pile. I did see him toss some sort of powder on the pile before it was started.  I was always in our house. We tried to stay out of the smoke.  I was grilling chicken on the grill on our porch, since we were blocked from leaving-it was now 6:30 and the road was still blocked. That confirmed that the road blockage was intentional. It was damp, dark ,  rainy ,cold and very smokey. When we checked the debris pile the following morning from our home, we saw that very little of the actual debris was burned at all. All the flame was accelerant. The flames were enormous as seen in the video. It is about circumstance and context. Jesse's obsession is in overdrive. Our safety, we believe is  and has been in jeopardy.
We ate dinner. I have to eat on schedule. I am type 2 diabetic and I take care of myself. My doctor is very proud that I take good care of my diet. However the stress of living in the cross hairs is taking its toll. Timing of eating for type 2 is very important. We eat  dinner at 6:30 PM . Scott had a hankering for some cake. Since I am diabetic, I won't even look at cake or smell it. We didn't know if the drive was still blocked. I checked and it was. I left a message with a Lawyer we recently introduced to us through Lambda Legal-NA. We said fuck it.

                          Right before Scott left.

 This coward has no right to be parked on the drive. So we saddled up and Scott got in the car. I went to remove the barrier, a saw horse we keep across the drive as a shared property line. We put it there years ago because we had people drive down the drive late at night which was suspicious and speed away when I would go out to investigate . Scott drove up the drive to the parked vehicle on the drive. As I moved the barrier, I heard  male voices  coming from our neighbor's porch. Like they were waiting for us to do this, like it was a trap waiting for us to trigger. I taped it and so did Scott with our dashboard cam. Jesse , came from his porch and took his time moving the vehicle which was  being filmed. However, after Jesse   backed up the vehicle which had a cart on it, he quickly turned around after Scott passed and chased, tailgated Scott up the shared drive almost to the top where the township road begins. I called Scott  to see if he was safe. From my position Jesse's actions looked hostile and aggressive.  I had heard a bang/clang which I could not identify. All the time Jesse was shouting something. Neither one of us could clearing understand what he was hollering. Bret, sitting on the porch, was also hollering something also. Scott was halfway to town,  town is about 7 miles away and decided to come back. 

                        Jesse chasing Scott as he left

Jesse and Brett knew I was now alone at the house and under the circumstance that was a compromising situation. Scott got home. I put the barrier back. Scott has a studio room in the house on the second floor. The room window faces the pond and the neighbor's property. Our house is actually about 50 feet from the property line. He is a Graphic Designer and was working at his computer and was started by a single Gun Shot outside his window at 9:10 PM.

                                    Bullet hole

We didn't call the Police because they have made a joke of this. We called them 2 weeks ago when we were trapped for 50 hours on our property and they were dismissive. We asked for a report and never received one as of yet. We believe the Police knew in advance that we were going to be trapped.We believe Jesse Repash is a stalker like his father. Jesse is obsessed with trying to force us to give up the access road because there is NO legal avenue to force us to give up the road.   Jesse and Bret appear to be humiliated that 2 Gay Men are standing up to them.  Sort of like the helpless feeling that bullies have when their prey doesn't give them the reaction they desire.  They hate feeling Powerless. However we do feel that we are in harms way. Jesse has used Gun Fire recently. We believe it is a veiled threat. We don't know how far Jesse will go to get his reaction but we are not budging and his bullying is not going to make us give up the access road. We suspect he believes that because we are Gay we have NO rights at all. 

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