Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, October 1, 2011


                                      Bon fires

BonFires spooks me, especially when they are too close to your home. We believe that is the purpose of these fires. There is something about fires fueled by accelerants that make me very uncomfortable. That reminds of arson. I am sure I am not alone in that. Bon fires near our property line  make us uneasy. Especially when you get the impression from body language and the performance leading up to it's ignition that the event appears to have an aura of a veiled threat. We have many videos, taken from inside our home which we believe give our concern a perspective. Seeing flames so high that they reflect in the water of our pond is alarming. Plus the added concern of seeing cans of beer being held and those very familiar menacing  posturing stares toward our home just compound  the concern. Are those  menacing stares a veiled threat?

The fires are close enough to put us in the smoke trail. However recently, the smoke seems to be going right back to our neighbors house and even up to Brett's House which  was not the intention. Within minutes  of lighting we have seen flames that appear to be 30  or more feet high as evidenced by the video that leads this post. I am very guarded with fire especially when there is kindling everywhere. We live in the country and not in suburbia. There always seem to be some ritual build up to the ignition. First of all it isn't effective unless we are home. After our attention is gotten, we have witness gallons of some liquid being poured on the burn pile, yes gallons. On one occasion I found it alarming that a young boy about 10 years old, possibly Brett's grand son, lit the fire with a flare. What was sad is that the body language of the boy exhibiting fear in that he was very uncomfortable doing it and I believe it had all the elements of being forced to do it. After the fire was lit, the flames bursts up, almost in an explosive manner, the boy left. Like he wanted to get out of there fast. During the fires,Jesse and Brett stand and stare at our house. I am sure they have some explanation for it but the stares have those in your face qualities especially when they both salute towards our home with a beer can in their hand.


 We stay in our home to avoid the smoke. We believe the most recent fire had the trimming of the Poison Ivy that was trimmed from the trees next to the shared drive. The Poison Ivy vines are serious. They were recently touching the roof of our car as we passed. We often have read on the Patch where township residents are fined for making fires that create excessive smoke because they violate ordinances. We don't bother reporting it but we make a record of the events because we believe they are reckless and meant to intimidate.

 Note the reflection of the fire reflected in our pond. That is an indication of how close  the fire it is and how high the flames are.

                         Note the rain drops on our pond as the fire is burning. We believe this adds credibility to the reality that these fires are motivated by spite and not by necessary.

Any suggestions or direction?

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