Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



We waited close to 18 months for a Court date. In the meantime, Lenny was still performing. Having never been to Court before, this was a new experience for the both of us. The Northampton County District Attorneys Office had assigned Tamara Greenfield ,the attorney representing us. In total we had two meeting in her office to discuss the case. I believe she was caustic, defensive and appeared to go out of her way to be hostile. I don't know what she billed the county for her time but the first meeting we sat there while she did a closing on the phone for a client she bitched to us about. She had complain about their lousy credit and expectations. She may have spend 5 minutes discussing the case.

We have dealt with this kind of tone from many people who we had met here. They act like we are putting them down. But one thing we found very disturbing was that she had said twice " if this man had done this to me,  I would have  kill him". We both felt she was trying to lead us on. Trying to entrap us into reiterating her feeling. We never felt that way. We both manage our feeling well. We just wanted boundaries established and accountability so we could lead an unobtrusive life without someone else's shit forced on us. We left her office with the belief that she didn't have our best interest in mind. She also mentioned that it was the belief of the Northampton District Attonrnies office that our neighbor was considered guilty simply buy hiring Philip Lauer to defend him. Many in the community believe similarly. She also mentioned that considering what our neighbor was reported as doing, the Lower Saucon Township Police went easy on him. On the second visit, Williams, the arresting officer Who represented us in the district court, was present. They had  appeared to having been pow wowing prior to us arriving. Williams could  not understand our patience with Lenny. Williams had brought up our request for documentation that the Officer Jones unannounced visit to our home was Official. We suspected Jones had a hidden agenda. I had heard that Lower Saucon Township Police had a closeted policeman. Jones' actions and reaction when he discovered that I had a female witness were troubling . When I had ask for a reason for his visit his response  was very questionable and  I believe was bogus.That is why we asked for a documication that his visit was Official. Anyhow, they must have discussed the reality that we weren't trying to hide our Homosexuality.  Williams seemed to have a  real problem that we would not lie about been Gay. He seemed to have a hard time wrapping his mind around us being truthful. He said that "their must be some truth to your allegations because if we wouldn't lie about being Gay why would you lie about anything else". Why do people have a problem with Gay people being honest about being Gay? We didn't write the rules to this Game. But what I found disturbing and did confront Greenfield was when she had asked twice if we had seen the movie "Powder". I had asked what her motive was for her questioning if we saw the movie. We hadn't seen the movie but know the plot. But her point was not about the plot but was about the fact that the director had been charged with Sexually abusing a pre teen male.  That story had recently been in the press.I asked what that had to do with our case. I said I was aware of it but what was her point? I believe she was phishing for some thread that she could elude that for some reason we were sympathetic to Pedophiles. We surmised that  since no one know us in the so called Gay Community, we don't go to bars in the valley. We are home bodies. The few benefits for Aids Fund raising we had attended  left us feeling even more isolated. Besides, the Local Gay People has a chip on their shoulder about outsiders, especially those who lived in NYC.   We don't have clients in the State and don't work with locals. Scott, on his quest for harmony often gives people too much credit but now he realized she wasn't our ally but part of what appeared to be some conspiracy to thwart a Just resolve. We had mentioned this line of questioning in a letter to Arlen Spector, our then US Senator to cover our ass. She seemed to have a hard time with me questioning her authority. Her response will be in a post after the  Court House appearance where we believe we were railroaded into dropping the charges against our neighbor. It gets better?  

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