Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chapter 58--Routine?

                                Stalking ?

We decided that we were going to winterize our push and riding mowers. We back our car out of the garage and back it up the drive on our land. We park in on a slight angel to block the view from the Repash Property. Not that we have anything to hide. It is just that we don't like an audience when we do chores. There have been saturdays where we have done this and we beleive it  just set Jesse Repash off. Like rearranging the furniture in a house to mess us a cat. One of the reasons we started to do is is because Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider have sat on Nursery Lane, the shared dive, in lawn furniture for hours, yes hours on Saturadays. Yes we have evidence. The record is 5 continuous HOURS on a saturday. We cross the drive to get to our garage and often Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider have made calls of sorts, mockingly waved to get our attention as we went to and from our garage. They bait us to look and investigate. We go to our garage because we actually put things away when we are not using them and we keep our lawn and garden tools in the garage. Anyway we find being stalked intrusive and we have reasonable expectations when we do our chores that we don't have an audiance.

It was Saturday at 2:00 ish and as soon as I exited the kitchen door to go onto our sidewalk to our garage, I immediately heard an ATV start up. The sound emanated near Brett Schneider garage. We then heard it drive down to the Repash property, it was Jesse. If you walk out from our kitchen door we often see Jesse and Brett staring at us from Brett Schneider's garage region. Anyway, I made note of the start up. We then began to run the mowers to heat them up so the oil flows easier when we remove it and put new oil in. Since the drive was blocked Jesse could not see what we were doing. He then started up the John Deere, we can hear, and we heard him drive down Nursery lane then turn left at the property line go  a few feet and turn around and go back up- rubber necking all the time.  There was even a time when we were working on the other side of our garage. When we came around, we saw him standing on his porch roof rubber necking at us-strange. We could see and hear him from inside our garage that day. He went back up Nursery lane. Then we were doing stuff and I heard 2 guns shots, Scott was in the house looking for a wrench Scott can out of the house and immediately acknowledged the gun fire. I was wearing the looxcie and turned it on and made a note and recorded one shot  of the 3 coming from the region of the Repash parking area. I made several videos as we worked documenting what we were doing.

Is this stalking?

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