Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chapter 54--Why we stay?

                                  Mink stole!

Why we stay?

It was an early November morning and Scott went to what we call the "pond window" after he got out of bed to open the blind. He rarely does that but this morning there was a revelation. We don't buy fish for our pond because  we live in the country and it is impossible to totally protect them. We have create many different sorts of fish hides to protect the fish from the Blue Heron and Great White Egret. But we didn't realize that there were other active predators who have more skill at swimming under water and staying under for the time it takes to get food. The fish hide in our fish hides. We have dozens of various frog families that have taken up habitation and some snapping turtles. So when Scott looked out the window and saw vigorous water movement, he called me.

I managed to video much of the action. It was a Mink. We both have seen it briefly years ago and no one believed us. Most claimed that we must have mistaken it for a muskrat. We also suspect that there is this stereotype that as Gay people, we have no idea what wild-life looks like unless it is worn as a coat or hat. We have had many wonder filled  priceless experiences with Wildlife over the decades , that have given our Rural experience a value that not only educates but feeds the Soul. This is one of them.

                                  Food chain

At first I thought the Mink was eating frogs. The mink was very brazen , could have been very hungry. It actually hissed at Scott when he tried to protect a fish the Mink had gotten. When we realized that he or she was actually capable of taking a large fish, we did an intervention. The brother of a College friend gives us fish when he needs to thin out his pond. We accept them with gratitude but know that there is some element of risk involved. But we never realized how risky it was.  After this event, we turned down another offer to accept fish. There is a food chain that we have to respect.
However, there is a Beauty in seeing Nature take it course. We have tried to partner with Nature as an ally. We own some land and invite the deer to take refuge on our land during the Deer Hunting Season, they do. We don't permit anyone to Hunt on our land.
So despite the challenges, we have been presented, we refuse to let the obsessed stalkers steal our Joy.


Baby snapping turtle

Great White Heron

Video of Red Fox taken from bathroom window , 12/3012

Visited by Black Bear

Why we stay!
Hummingbird visit

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