Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chapter 53--Hurricane Sandy

                                Close encounters!  

Scott's account- I was cleaning the grill on our porch at 7PM on the evening of November 3rd, 2012. I saw a truck come down the drive towards our property line and stop. I immediately thought that it was a PPL truck as it was five days after Hurricane Sandy and we still had no power. I walked up to the driver's side of the truck and was initially blinded by the lights since it was so dark outside without power. I had on my headlamp. I said "identify yourself". The driver, still sitting in the truck, replied "it's Brett Schneider". I said "what are you doing here?'...he replied that he was "helping Jesse with the generator". Jesse was at the rear of the truck and was muttering something. Schneider said to me "this isn't your property, get off the road". I walked away towards the property line and Schneider said "get back here!" in a threatening demeanor.

I kept walking down to the house and told Jerry what had just happened and he walked out towards the truck and began taking a video of the event. I backed him up with a video of my own. We both stood down from the property line on our land. Out barrier on the property line is visible on both of our videos. We continued facing the glaring headlights and filmed the event for about 5-10 minutes. Schneider eventually put on his high beams but we kept on filming. Schneider and Repash hollered something unintelligible to us. the Schneider lower his high beams and slowly backed up the drive and turned around on Repash's parking pad. He then drove up Alpine Drive to his home.

At 7:15PM I called 911 and explained the situation and the dispatcher said he'd send out a Policeman.

                         Headlights on Nursery Lane
At about 7:25PM Officer Kyle Haggerty arrived. He drove down to our parking area.

We briefed him on the situation and what had transpired. He said he would go up and talk to them as well and then return to us to discuss their response.. We said before he left that they will just twist the event around.

He spoke with both Schneider and Repash and returned to us in about 10 minutes. He said that indeed it was a "he said, she said" situation and they both said Scott cursed at them. He said Jesse told him that we can drive up the drive but we can't walk up the drive! Haggerty also thought that statement was absurd and said it made no sense. Haggerty said he felt we were taking the higher ground and that was the way to go. We said "so what does it get us?" He said if anything happens further we should call the Police. We briefed him on the ongoing Repash/Schneider harassment and told him of the many times they stage events, holler unintelligible words, drink and fire guns...and we never call the Police because we never get resolve. Jerry told him about the Repash/Schneider shining floodlights into our house and bedroom at night and of their many rowdy bonfires. Haggerty said "they're like two junior high school bullies". He said if we can film the floodlights coming into our home or call him while they are doing it so he can see it, he would get them on harassment charges.

Our videos contradict what Repash/Schneider said. They said they pulled Schneider's truck down so far toward our property line so they could use the truck lights to see the generators...that the drive wasn't wide enough to angle the truck lights to see the generators. The truck's front lights weren't any where near the generators. They knew we'd come out to check to see who was on the drive. 

It is our belief that this event was a planned, staged event to lure us up to the drive for purposes of informing us that "we can drive on the drive but we can't walk on the drive". Get real.
                          Head lights on Nursery Lane
My version of events---I was in the house tending the fire and Scott can in the house very rattled. We were on the 5th night of having no electricity because of Sandy. I asked him what was wrong and he told me the Brett Schnieder was parked on the shared drive-Nursery Lane. He was parked near, feet from the property line, on the road with his headlights on facing our property. Scott said that when he approached him he was hostile-see Scott's account. As first he thought it was PPL or someone possibly checking on our well being. He could not tell who it was because it was very dark until he got to the truck. I went out with the flipp to investigate and stood just below the utility pole on our drive. I was out of range from activating the wildlife camera that we use as security. However, Brett was close enough to activate the camera because it constantly was going off. Maybe the flipp recorded the clicking began taping the event. I have 7 short videos of the event. As I was recording, there appeared to be someone standing outside at the passenger door possibly hold a video camera- I could see a small red LED from that region. At one point they put the high beams on in the truck facing me. What was odd was that it appeared that the  passenger door was open but the interior light was turned off. Also there appeared  that there were some clear LED lights coming from the Stalking Fire region as I was standing on the drive taping. The has all the makings of a staged event. The videos clearly negates the statement that the headlight were being used to light the area where the generators we being refueled. I could see someone messing with the generator that were next to the porch using flashlights which I believe is recorded.  Scott called the police as I was recording. Brett backed up the drive and went home. After the 911 call was made someone jumped into Jesse's truck and the lights turned on and the bubble started to swirled on the roof. We suspect that he was activating his scanner to monitor the police.

Latter that night when we took our dog out to pee, a male was making a bad imitation of a dog barking near the shared property line. They were waiting for us to come out. They know we take the dog out to pee before we go to bed.

The above video is self explanatory to some degree. It was my job to keep the fire burning in the wood stove during Hurricane Sandy. I am recording this from the bench in front of the stove. Something got my attention. We have become accustomed to be able to predict events. Jesse's behavior gets manic. He does chore that require noise and he like to work around the shared property line. We have gotten very good at predicting gun fire and actions where he and Brett perform. What a coward!

If what the police report of this harassing was accurate we would have taped Jesse and Brett doing what they claimed they were doing. If the headlights were suppose to being lighting them working, I would have gotten it on tap. The police report spins the harassing event. The most humorous part is that the report says that Scott "cursed" at them, how quant considering that either Brett or Jesse is responsible for the bullet hole in our property.

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