Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chapter 56--Mating Call?

                                  Night Rider

We sense that Jesse Repash believes he is cunning and has magical powers. We also believe that the Lower Saucon Township Police have conspired to protect he and Brett Schneider.  Not a healthy combination of elements.   Guns, Alcohol and anger make often lethal cocktail. Jesse just doesn't seem to get the bigger picture.  Just because we are Gay doesn't mean we have no property rights. We still do our Saturday evening Cook-Aught. Jesse is an obsessed stalker to us.  On Nov. 17, 2012 , Jesse had to perform. 

                                 Mating call?

We both came out of the house to put the chicken on the grill. Scott's job is to turn the gas on and I do the rest. It is unfortunate that we fill the need to carry the flip or iphone when we even go to our garage or step out on our porch or go to our pond etc. We have them cocked when we cook out.  No sooner were we on the porch and started the grill, at 5:52PM, Jesse started to come down the shared drive on his ATV with his headlights on. It was dark. We knew it was him because you could see his silhouette being lit by their floods. He got our attention. He drove down Nursery Lane, turned left at the property line, then drove slowly down the at the shared property line then  turned left again in about 20 feet and went back towards his house. Then he took another right turn and appeared to go up between his house and garage. Remember, this was the region that nighttime gunfire has emanated. The ATV stalled a bit going up the steep bank. We wonder if the whole thing was staged and we were video taped observing. Anyway, the sound appeared to inform us that he then when up Nursery lane, turned right on that the worn path on his land to Brett's house . We could see the ATV lights. It looked like he went through our land again to get to Brett's house. But what was interesting is that he did his "call" which we finally got on tape this time. It is a sound he makes  and has done very often at night and is startling if you get surprised by it. He gets our attention. We suspect that he believes that he and Debbie have magical powers as Witches. The sound is creepy but we believe that Jesse does creepy best with little effort. We believe he has a horrid life. But he doesn't understand that he created the situation he is in and he seems to think that to get out of the hole he just needs to dig more.
 We both have had this feeling, since the FBI Agent visited our home, that we have been being baited into circumstances that could be interpreted as us being aggressive, depending on the camera angle.  We both have gotten this gut feeling. There have been events like Jesse cutting his grass at one section near our shared property line 4 different times in a 10 day period, the same spot. We hear his mower then stay inside.

Is the sound creepy or what? When it comes from the dark and timed to your activity, it adds to the madness. When someone is waiting for you, that is scary. In this region, people only seem to get help when a Court Orders it.

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