Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, December 3, 2012

Chapter 59-- Deer Hunters?

                             Flash Orange

It was 3:00 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 1, 2012 when we noticed someone in Flash Orange  walking near our shared property line with the Repashes while decorating our indoor Christmas Tree. We then noticed  from our deck that some person was in a tree stand just behind our home. We had no idea who it was and what weapons they had but we believe that they were within the Safety distance for Hunting from a Home established by the Lower Saucon Township and  Pennsylvania Game Commission. We called the Police.The video above was done as I walked up the drive to remove the barrier we keep on the road. As I walk back, half through the video there is a very quick glance of the Flash Orange of someone in the tree. It show how close they are to our house-too close considering the animosity that we believe Jesse and Brett have created.
Two Policemen arrived. What we have found strange is how the Police often act. The first patrolman Stephen Kunigus, was acting like he was fiercely trying to stay on script. He resembled a high school student trying to remember his lines in a play. We believe the police are scripted when they are dealing with us. They seem to always claim that it is a Civil Matter to pass the buck. Often he seemed on the verge of getting defensive when we asked  basic questions. What we find weird is some of his responses like the person in the tree stand didn't hear us call to them because they were "sleeping". I said they just got in the tree about 35 minutes ago. It is astounding how we seem to get these responses that seem to us to defy reality let alone logic. The police appeared to charge a laser measuring device on the hood of the patrol car. The second Policeman was PtLM. Gregorio Mora who was actually civil to us. He treated us like real Humans. Then both of the police left our property and when down to the tree people.The  Police appear to have done a laser measurement. Then the hunters dispersed. So possible they were too close. You can discharge a gun within a 150 yards, yes yards, from an occupied home. The tree stand appears to be about 100 feet max  from our home. There is stuff in between like Debbie Repash talking to the Police on the  shared drive and the hunters walking up with the police and spending time chatting at the shared property line.We still have a bullet hole in our security lamp shade that  emulates from the  direction of the Repash Property and no one has been charged. In the requested Police report of the crime, Jesse and Brett were NEVER interviewed. So we believe, along with others, that someone possibly armed with a riffle near our home is a reasonable concern under the hostile circumstance we believe that Jesse Repash  and Brett Schnieder have created. If we see flash orange from that region this week we told the police, we will call the Police again. Under the circumstances, we believe this is a menacing act to harass us. Could we expect a "hunting accident"?

                          Brett drive by

Also included is a video of Brett Schnieder on his ATV driving by the shared  Repash property line as Patrolman blank and blank  were present at our home. It indicates by body language that they both noticed and heard Schnieder pass by which was captured on our security camera. Note the upper left corner and we both will positively identify Schneider.. Bret likes to do  slow drive bys at that spot and wave , shout  and give us the finger to get our attention when we do outside chores. We believe to  harass and bait us for confrontation. During the visit we told the responding officers that we have evidence  that  someone , either Brett or Jesse Repash or both have have been trespassing through our land to get to each other's property. We noticed it some time ago after investigating Chain Sawing that we witnessed that came from that region of our road frontage on our land at Alpine Drive. We investigated and video taped  the evidence that some brush and trees were  defiantly cut to create a path through our land.  Similar to the one Bret Schnieder had  defiantly created  and maintained through another portion of our land years ago. Yes , we have evidence. We even put some branches across this trail at Alpine to act as a deterrent which were  quickly removed by someone.  We believe Jesse or Brett or both. We had clearly posted no trespassing signs in that region of our land that were taken down by someone. Jesse Repash has clearly marked the property lines in the region and is fully aware of the boundary pins. We noticed that there was evidence this week, after the snow that there were fresh ATV tracks crossing our land then onto the Repash Property or vice versa. However, there is only one set of track so it is not clear if the rider was coming or going.  We thought they had stopped trespassing through our land because we have seen and heard them both using Alpine Drive  regularly with their ATVs. Since it was obvious to us that Brett Schnieder visited while the Lower Saucon Police were investigating the Safety Zone matter on Dec. 1, we sent the video to the police of our security camera as evidence in their files.  Patrolman Kunigus said that he would visit Schnieder after he left our home to investigate the defiant trespassing.  

The above video was taken Dec. 8 , 2012. We did this to give a better idea of the distance of the person in the tree stand was to our  house. Scott is wearing the Flash Orange in the photo. It is a ball b all park of how close the Hunters were to our home.

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