Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chapter 60--Defiant Trespass?

                    Defiant Trespass,March 2 , 2012

The lead video here is out of sequence. The lead video is for March 2012. Month prior to that we heard chain sawing on our land near ALpine Drive. We have 60 feet of road frontage. Brett Schneider's property is to the East and the Repash Property is to the West. Jesse has a habit of making the property boundaries clear. We believe he paints the pins several times a year. The section that establishes our shared property lines has 2 pins that he is responsible for. When he told the Police on Dec.1, 2012 when they were call to our home in another matter, that he was not familiar with the property lines, that was a LIE. What else is new?

Anyway Brett Schneider and Jesse Repash teamed up after another neighbor requested a variance in zoning from us for an above ground swimming pool. We gave the variance but told them that we were surprised that Brett Schneider and the Lower Saucon Township Zoning never requested a variance from us for Brett Schneider's two story brick garage or his macadam driveway or swimming pool. We were required to get a permit for our above ground kiddy pool years ago which we had up for only one season. The Lower Saucon Township Zoning responded that there was a permit. We asked to see it. They sent us the original permit for the house that shows no garage and no drive markers. We contacted Maria Diaz Joves and Ryan Welty , who we hired for a powder room installation and they did   NOT see any permit for the garage or drive. They checked the Northampton County tax acessment office website to see if a garage is listed. Nothing is listed. Our simple garage is listed on our information. We believe that Lower Saucon Zoning is playing favorites since it appears that if you are chummy with the township, anything is possible. We have evidence that the Lower Saucon Township Road Crew  put in the "speed Bumps' on Nursery lane.


 Days after we made the request, I was leaving to pickup Scott form the bus and someone was hiding near Jesse Repash's truck on Nursery Lane. As I passed , some one was  manically pointing a Red Laser Light  in my eyes from the right side as I was passing. Kobe started to bark. It was absolutely disorienting. I was spooked and kept going to get Scott. I called him and told him what just happened. Seeing was strange. I decided  to wait until I picked him up and called to report the crime parked on Cherry Lane in Hellertown. The 911 operator was very concerned about my sight. It was blurry, I thought their could have been some damage. I went to the Eye Doctor the next day to get them checked and everything was fine. Of course the Police report of the event was typical. I believe it ridiculed me. Ryan Welty thought it could have been the  Laser Sight of a gun which is spooky. Anyway that is when and why Jesse Repash and Brett Schnieder have teamed up.


When the police were at our home on Dec. 1 2012 we decided to report the defiant trespasser on our land. Under the circumstance, we believe this is also harassing. We told them that we have evidence of it current usage by the videos of the ATV tracks in the recent snow on Nov. 27, 2012. Our land is posted in that region and this was intentional. We also have videos of how long they have been using it and we thought it had stopped. We also have evidence of Jesse and Brett driving  on Alpine Drive on ATVs. Something we have noted other's getting arrested for.

                                 Dec. 5, 2012

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