Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, November 18, 2013

WTF- chapter 78


It was 6:06 PM , on Nov.15, 2013, when we were leaving to go to Allentown to the opening of an Art Exhibit of Mike Sincavages Art at the Civic Theater Gallery- a very nice show. When I get the car out of the garage and turn to leave our headlight face up the drive toward the Repash Property. I didn't have the headlights on immediately as Scott walked up to move the sawhorse barrier. I did turn them on as I left, not knowing what we were about to experience.  The headlights give the Repashes a heads up that we are approaching. As we have passed the Repashes, they have done all sorts of harassing performances to get our attention.

Leonard Repash, Jesse's father was a real can of worms. There was a time the father was simulating masturbation as we were passing the parking region which we believe was very sickening and vulgar.  Jesse and Debbie have both come out as I was leaving and have stared at me as I exit at night to pick up Scott.  Jesse has barged out of the house shouting. I keep the windows closed. I do have peripheral vision. Jesse has even come out and tossed what looked like the contents of a drinking glass towards the car. Quite a repertory. Recently, someone, I believe Jesse, is waiting for me to leave and when I pass on Nursery Lane, they come our from behind the car and either have a white strobe light flashing of a green laser like light. Both have been flashing in the rear mirror. I keep going. On Nov. 14, as we were returning from picking Scott up from the bus, Jesse was flailing his arms at the bay window to get our attention for some reason. Were they filming and trying to get us to turn our heads to look towards their house? Often we have been distracted by Raccoons scrambling from their porch as we have passed because they put cat food out on the porch. However we were not prepared for this recent up tic and performance from Debbie Repash. As we were passing the home, she was flailing her arms standing in clear view of the bay window with the curtains open , (they are never closed), facing us as we passed. She was flailing her arms to get our attention (?) and something more. When we got up to Alpine Drive, we asked each other if we  actually seeing what we were seeing. Not only was she flailing her arms to get our attention, but she appeared to be also shaking her tits, yes her tits. What added a disturbing twist was it appeared that her Pajama top appeared to have been unbuttoned ? It was fast and the shock of the display left us speechless-stunned. This was a new low in vulgarity. Was this a mockery because we are Gay. A sort of "come and get it"? What was the motive? This was surreal! Since Jesse put the speeed bumps in we have to drive slow which gives us an time to observe. On Nov.21, 2013, Jesse was flailing his arms as we returned from picking Scott up from the bus. To get our attention for what?

Recently, there is a record on the flip of another disturbing event. Jesse appears to like to pose at a front window  with the light on and the blinds open. He waves at us as we pass-mockery. Sometimes we suspect he is flipping us the bird. He has stood on the dark porch staring at our car as we pass. However, recently there was a disturbing event. As we were returning home at night, he was sitting at the window, shirtless, not a pretty site. But as we passsed, it appeared that he was tweaking his nipples with his fingers as we passed? We were shocked by the brazeness-wtf.
We just found it shocking and disturbing. We believe the Lower Saucon Township Police indifference has emboldened the Repashes.

Is this a Twilight Zone? 

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