Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Monday, November 11, 2013

John Deere Parked on Nursery Lane- chapter 76


                         "hey peckerhead/bonehead"?

It was Nov. 11, 2013, and I could sense the jag building all day.  We have both sensed that Jesse is in an up tic of baiting. Since we believe it is a joke to call the Lower Saucon Township Police for anything. We still haven't received the requested Police report of the "crime" of someone  stealing the Motion Activated Wildlife camera that was put in our mailbox to act as a deterrent to someone rummanging in our mailbox. We had been missing some mail. We are always flagerbgasted by the Police Reports. We believe the Police go out of their way to try to make us took foolish. Theft is a real crime . Jesse seems to have a bit of confidence in his current arrogance.

                                             "call the cops"--"hey freak"?
                        Anyway I could hear the dim of an ATV and his John Deere going up and down near the shared property line, about 75 feet from our house, all day. I know what they sound like. I suspect there were more than 10 plus exhibitions. On close to the final show, I saw Brett Schneider ride up on his ATV looking over here as he passed. We keep our garage door close because we suspect there are drive bys to see if we are home or not. A show without an audience isn't a rush. Anyway, I could sense the temperature rising all day. When Jesse followed Brett up on his John Deere, it looked like Jesse Intentually parked on Nursery Lane the shared drive-he did. We believe he and Brett have done this to bait us into confrontation- Nursery Lane is not a parking lot or a patio. The last time we made Jesse Repash move his ATV that was parked on Nursery Lane for hours baiting us, we ended up hearing a single gun shot an hour later that night we believe eminating from the spot where Jesse and Bret have parked to bait/harass us.We latter discovered a bullet hole, entry and exit, that we beleive lines up with that region on the Repash Property. I could see the red tail lights that the John Deere still parked on the drive. I estimate it was there for a couple hours. I took some recycling stuff to the garage and decided to take the flip. Since Brett and Jesse were together there is a history of baiting as a team. I exited the house and was walking toward our garage and saw the John Deere parked on the drive. I sensed they were watching me as I exited the house. The engine was off. Jesse got on it and started it up and moved it. However not without comments that portray Jesse as the protagonist with intent and not the innocent Country Bumpkin being picked on by those bad New York City Queers. I stood on the drive and taped Jesse putting on a show. "call the cops" , "I can see you" he shouted. Usually we would take short video or single shots for the record to to document. There is a history of this behavior. I did call the police another time at night and I believe they tried to portray me as a fool for calling. It was night and I needed to get out and Jesse was parking, blocking the shared drive. There is an actual message from Julie Heckler, the secretary to the police saying that Jesse Repash would have moved the ATV if I asked him. Why do I need to ask him to move it when he knows he is harassing me. This is typical of the Police.That is like asking someone to stop harassing you.


Record of me recording

Anyway, enjoy the performance!

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