Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, November 29, 2013

Stalking 101-chapter 81

It was Oct. 8, 2013, 9 something and I was leaving to go pick Scott up from the bus. This event is not unusual. The Repashes know our schedule which we believe gives them an opportunity to plan harassment/stalking- like the bizarre witch stalking mentioned here on this blog. This post is out of sequence, time wise. There have been many times and documentations of Jesse Repash appearing to be waiting for us as we ingress and egress. Recently, I have noticed Debbie Repash standing near her parked car at night as I pass and appearing to be looking into her car window? Kind of strange? I suspect it is an event to provoke me to stare. I do notice it. I do have peripheral vision. There have been many times we document stalking. Like a burst of fire as I pass near their hoodoo fire pit at night as I pass.That must be "Magickal Jesse" doing his trick? There have been times that I have heard a male voice shout in the dark near the share property line as I put our dog in the car as I was going to get Scott, "here he comes".

As I was leaving on Oct. 8, 2013, I first saw the Repash's  white cat near the drive which is documented in this video. What we have discovered is that if we see the cat at night, Jesse is always near by. This white cat is not hard to spot as you can see. Their other cat seemed to give us a heads-up that Jesse is lurking near by, this cat is new. Anyway, I was driving out, after I passed the Repash home, that my attention was focused on a bright green laser like beam of light in the rear view mirror. The dash board cam doesn't get it because it is focused on the activity in front of the car. Anyway, since the cat was out I suspected that Jesse Repash has been lurking near the shared property line which is where the green beam appeared to be emanating from. You will notice that I pause, toward Alpine Drive, the township road where Nursery Lane and Alpine meet, to collect my thoughts. It has become common to see Jesse Repash sitting in a chair next to the drive, in the dark, as we pass at night, they know we have a schedule. Often Jesse would be sitting with dark sunglass on in the dark, looking our way as we pass. This isn't the only event with a laser like light, there have been others with a red light and others with a  white strobe that start flashing after I pass. It is startling and alarming but that is what stalking is meant to do. The last time we reported this sort of matter to the police, we believe the Police report was meant to ridicule me and diminish the event. We do believe , for some reason the Lower Saucon Township Police are protecting Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider for some reason.

 Do you know what that reason could be?

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