Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, November 22, 2013

Theft of camera from our mailbox- chapter 80

Discovering the theft
This post is out of sequence. We reported to the Lower Saucon Township Police a theft of a motion activated  wildlife camera that was place in our rural mail box as a deterrent to harassment. The theft was discovered on Oct. 14, 2013 and reported to the Lower Saucon Township Police that day. Kyle Haggerty was the patrolman that responded to the call.  Todays date is Nov. 22, 2013 and we still haven't received the requested  copy of the police report from the Lower Saucon Township Police. Theft is a crime, even if it happens to Gay People.

Last year around this time, we started to notice that someone was opening our mailbox at night. It never occurred before Jesse Repash's getting home from his job. We were also noticing that we hadn't gotten some regularly scheduled mail. Over the years we have found very large wasp nest, not build in the box and  ant nest with eggs. The mailbox would be discovered open when I left to get Scott at night and on Saturday mornings. We believe Jesse Repash was responsible for opening the mailbox to harass us. Anyway it continued and I contacted the Post Master at the Hellertown Post office in early February 2013 and asked if it was legal to put a motion activated Wildlife camera in our mail box to act as a deterrent. There was almost a guarantee that the box would be open if it rained or snowed. Theresa, the Post Master said that she didn't see any problem so we put the camera in the mailbox. At first we just simply leaned it against the back of the mailbox-no tape, just leaning. Then it was often discovered face down. We would straighten it up and it would be found face down the next day. Giving the benefit of a doubt, we ducted tape it to the rear of the box, then we would discover that someone entered the box and ripped it from it's mounting and laid it face down as exhibited by some of the videos presented here. This continued, I discussed this matter again with the a Hellertown Post Office temp and never received a returning  call until we emailed the big boys at the Postal Service online.  Anyway it continued. I made an wooden easel to hold the camera and we taped it to the rear of the box. Someone continued to rummage in our mailbox. Then I gorilla taped it to the rear and it was ripped and found face down in the mailbox. We would tape it up, then of Oct. 14, 2013 it was discovered stolen.

While Haggerty was here he blew smoke and I believe he was getting frustrated by me not buying the lies he was repeating. I believe he kept repeating lies and expected me to pick one as the truth. The more he spoke , the less I believed him. He did get visibly annoyed when I told him that Jesse Repash was lying. He kept "over telling" stories as to WHY Jesse Repash has gone into out mailbox several times. We believe the camera was stolen to destroy evidence. Now ,who to you think stole the camera? Who do you think had a motive to destroy evidence?

Included here are many iphone videos. We have many other videos taken with a Looxie and Flip that documented the rummaging.

It is important to remind the readers that 3 years ago we contacted a Licensed Mediator and invited the Repashs to sit down and discuss what we believe was the escalating harassment. We offered to incur the expense and cost of the sessions or session. The Repashs responded via an Attorney that they refuse to participate and mentioned that we should put in our own access road. Since that point we believe that Jesse Repash and Bret Schneider have joined forces to harass and stalk us. We believe that we have been harassed with menacing gun fire, day and night, been baited by Jesse and Brett parking on Nursery land to bait us into confrontation. We believe that Jesse and Bret and the Lower Saucon Township Police know who is responsible for the bullet hole in our security light shade. We believe the bullet hole is there because Jesse Repash was forced to move his ATV that was blocking our access for hours. We also believe that the Lower Saucon Township Police are protecting Jesse Repash and Brett Schneider for some reason.

 Jesse Repash has no idea that we have a handwritten letter from his father thanking us for the kindness we showed him. It was written to us before his father died.  Corporal Connell knows of it. Yes, mortals, there is a bigger story.
Just giving you perspective.

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