Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Thursday, November 11, 2010

" YOUR SON"?????

copy of front and back of  Lower Saucon Township Police calling card ,1992

We were punch drunk. Bewildered beyond anything we had expected. We
were feeling more and more like strangers in a strange land. This
whole experience was beyond belief. We were sued by the dead, sued for
something that doesn't exist. Had our mailbox taken down to harass us.
People were distancing themselves from us. This is when we started to
discover how friendly "gay friendly" was. Most of the gay people we
knew were so filled with spite that fostering any empathy was an alien
concept. The New York thing versus the Country Gay only fostered
animosity. The defensives were challenging. Dealing with chips on their
shoulders was an obstacle. We were working professionals dealing with
the obsession of a retired, directionless  spurned lost soul whose
were only fueled by our settlement. Giving the dog a bone wasn't what
he wanted.  If
he could not play a positive role in our lives, he would
play a negative one. That way he could maintain some interface.

We pondered our vulnerability. We never had imagined the
challenges we now faced. Is anyone honest in the Hinterlands? We wrote
the ACLU about or
mailbox. I was cautiously optimistic. I had spoken to the ACLU local
representative, Donald MIles, during the stormy Lawsuit. I found him a
bit naive about  the Gay  challenge and he seemed only interested in gloating about how liberal he was, this was 20 some years ago.
What took me aback was his comment that "you should be setting an
example for your neighbor". I believe he was implying, based on his own
biases, that for some reason we were not compliant enough. Many
straight people believe that Gay people should be walking "hat in
hand" for eternity. He lost me on that comment. However he did do some research which had impressed me at that time but I sensed a unwillingness to join us in the trench. We were very disappointed. We decided to write the
ACLU in Philly looking for support on the mailbox harassment event.
Their response was disappointing.
So we hunkered down while little Lenny was festering like a cyst.

We decided to write Larry Maxfield, the big banana in the U.S.Postal
in the Lehigh Valley. There was quite a period of time...years between when
our mail
box was taken down but WTF, give it a try. We decided to not let
any stone unturned. His response was very bureaucratic, which we didn't
expect. Sort of a bureaucratic shell game filled with words on paper. We
had already been told that what was done to us with the mail box was
considered a serious offense. We wrote him back stating that we found
his report
inconclusive and that we were going to contact our current US Senator,
Harris Wofford, for support and resolve. Days later, I came back from
dinner with Scott's parents,
Grace and Al, and found the calling card of the policeman sticking out
from under our door mat. What I saw first as I got home was the
single wide car tire mark on our lawn, in front of the house between the two large trees, from a car
that had turned
around. What was disconcerting was that there was enough room for the
officer (our car was gone when the Police arrived) to not have gone over our lawn while turning
around. It wasn't
dark when I had gotten home, it was twilight. What was odd was that the
needed cutting, it was thursday, we cut on the weekends. There was no
 evidence, or compressions, or single tire marks from an accelerating
trail bike evading
the police,
anywhere. Speeding trail bikes, would dig up the lawn–nothing, not
even an impression in the grass.

Why was my name the only name on the Lower Saucon Township Police calling card, that he left,
which is featured in this post?  "Kott" was scribbled out but you can
see it on the original. What gave them the idea I had a son?
Our neighbor had been on a campaign for years informing anyone and
everybody that we were Gay. However his motive was to put us in harms
way. Neighbors had told me how offended they were in the manner of how
he Outed us to them. They knew he was being malicious. We sensed the
thing was upping the ante. In learning the ways of
the country, usually some teen, who can't drive gets a trail bike.
Annoys the hell out of neighbors with the constant revving of the
engine. Neighbors call the Police because the kid had gotten bored just
buzzing around on their parents property. They venture onto the
road. Then they get a summons from the police. However, there was none
of this for months prior to the  Lower Saucon  Township Police visit.  However, years later,
the Assistant District Attorney of Northampton Country, Tamara
Greenfield added credence to my suspicions  of the motive for the
"son" thing by a line of questioning
she conducted. She also didn't appreciate my questioning her motives.

I called the Police when I got home. The card states that request. When
I spoke to the Patrolman, he said that the only witness was our
neighbor, Lenny . Just trying to connect the dots.

Any opinions or suggestions?

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