Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Heaven & Hell ©1995 Jerry Kott

Friday, November 5, 2010


We had received a reply from Common Ground, the mediation service, and
the woman said that our neighbor refused to go.This past Summer of 2010 we contacted a mediation service and requested that our neighbor's son, Jesse, who inherited the property and moved into the house, to discuss his motive for his harassing behavior and he also refused to talk. On Sunday April 4, 1989, there was
a message left on out tape machine by an obviously coached kid saying
"I want to order a Pizza-pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy". You could hear
adults laughing in the background and they hung up. Little did we know
that this was a taunt for what was to happen.

I was leaving the property using the shared road and discovered that
our mailbox was taken down and was lying next to the road. There was
this message (which is the intro jpg) from the U.S Postmaster in
Hellertown, signed by Francis Ehrit, dated 4-5-89. I came back to the
house and called the Post Office and the Postmaster would not take my
call. The next day I waited next to Alpine Drive for the rural mail
delivery person Dave Rasich. When he approached I asked him who took
down our mailbox. He responded "you had that meeting with the
Postmaster" he looked freaked as hell, was coached and said
"I don't want to get involved". So I believe that Lenny and Francis
Ehrit conspired that the meeting in the Post Master's Office was no more than a forum for our neighbor to lie about us. Note the notice doesn't have Scott's
name, just mine-Why. So I had to dig a hole, while it rained, for the new
post in the ground to hold our mailbox so we could continue to get
our mail. I did this as Lenny would drive by, point and laugh. I avoided calling the Postmaster again because I believe if Ehrit's
character was low by conspiring with our neighbor, what would
have prevented him from fabricating any allegation and having me
arrested on a false charge. We had already been falsely accused of not honoring an agreement. When I asked Ron Rasich again at a
future date who took down our mailbox he said Lenny did and the
Police witnessed it. I have asked many Postal workers outside
the neighborhood as to the legality of what was done and they
all have said it was a Federal crime to do what they did. That must
be the reason why the Lower Saucon Police had ignored responding
to our certified registered mail requesting "who took down our mailbox".

Any opinions or suggestions? 

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